10 Interior Painting Color Trends for 2020

Colour Discussions 10/12/2019

There are a number of different ways to breathe new life into a home. You can upgrade floors, bathrooms, kitchens, or any other number of spaces and features. Of course, many of the best upgrades are expensive and time consuming, so they aren’t an option for just anyone.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to freshen things up around the home, a fresh coat of paint could go a long way.

There are so many great color trends for interior painting that you’ll never get bored. In fact, you’ll probably be surprised to learn that white, off-white, eggshell, and other variations of boring aren’t even on the list anymore.

Interior painting does involve personal preference, so you’ll have to compare the top trends to your own design ideas and choose colors that you like as much as you choose ones that suit the space you’re painting. Fortunately, this year’s top 10 list offers enough variety for just about everyone.

The Importance of Trends

Some people see a term like “painting trends” and immediately turn the other cheek. It’s natural to want to go the complete opposite direction and do what everyone else is not doing, but when it comes to interior paint, there is a time and a place to follow the crowd. Not only are you using the most popular, latest, and most inspired colors when you follow painting trends, but you are helping to increase the resale value and, hopefully, how quickly your home sells (if you’re selling) by choosing colors that attract new buyers because they’re trendy and fresh.

By all means, no one is telling you that you have to follow any of the trends in home décor and design. If you’re trying to get inspired, however, these top 10 colors are a great place to start. Keep reading to learn about the most popular colors for interior painting for 2020.

Without further ado, here are the 10 best interior painting trends in terms of colors and shades.


Although popular shades of bright green and grass green have come and gone, right now the hot color is olive. It’s been called a lot of things, including timeless, but olive green makes a great accent for trim, a single wall, or a brighter companion color. It works well with off-white and grey, as well. It can be great in a living room, dining area, or even the kitchen as long as there’s enough natural light so that it doesn’t close in the space.

Lilac Grey

For those who want a classic feel with a warmer touch, greys that have an undertone of blue or purple are hot right now. All the grey shades are a hot topic, but as far as interior trends, we’re sticking with lighter, more inviting colors. This unique shade is light, yet still a little formal, making it perfect for a single color throughout because it works as well in a formal dining room as it does in the den.

Mustard Yellow

Yellows have always been popular in the home because they inspire brightness and optimism, and can open up any space. Mustard, in particular, is popular right now because it offers a slightly earthier finish than a bold or bright yellow. Mustard shades also come in every hue from deep brownish shades to bold, vibrant yellow hues, and offer a richness that isn’t found in other shades of yellow.


For fans of the neutral look of beige, taupe, off-white, or eggshell, which have all gone to the wayside in terms of popular paint colors, clay is the color of now. Clay is an earthier, darker tone of what many people know as ecru, the popular eggshell/off-white shade that has been overused for decades. This warmer tone can create a more inviting space and still give that neutral appearance, without darkening the space like a darker brown or grey might.

Apricot Orange

Bright orange this is not, but it will deliver that warm, inviting feel every time when used appropriately. An apricot shade, or a pumpkin spice shade, is going to go great in a dining room or another area where people gather frequently. This is also a popular color for exterior accents in the Southwest. On the interior, you can paint an entire room or just an accent wall, and the right shade of orange can even liven up a dull or small bathroom space.

Charcoal Grey

Grey is really the color of the decade right now, and with so many different shades available it can make a variety of statements. A charcoal grey is a little bolder, and can be a great accent under a chair rail or as a single wall. It can even be paired with other greys to create a unique look and incorporate multiple colors without needing to rely on white or wood trim.


While it might not sound like the most appealing color for your home, mushroom shades are actually really earthy and inviting. These shades combine brown and grey to create neutral tones that work great with natural stone, wood, and other light finishes. It can be great as an accent wall color, or you can use it in an entire room for a calming, but inviting effect. Browns and earth tones are in, and mushroom makes the list for 2020.

Metropolitan Grey by Benjamin Moore

This is the only brand-specific color on this list, and it’s here for good reason. This has been one of the bestselling colors for the brand for the past year, and it is going to continue to make waves as warm greys remain popular. This low-key color creates an airy, light finish that allows you to get a little crazier with your furnishings and décor by having a neutral wall that’s anything but boring.

Maroon and Deep Reds

As is the case every year, red makes its way onto the list yet again. Although the shade variations change from year to year, red is a powerful and popular color. It offers boldness and warmth at once, depending on the shade, and it can look great on a lot of accent walls. Kitchens in red are popular, as are baths and utility rooms. You don’t want any maroon in the bedroom, of course, because the aggressive vibes could keep you awake at night.

Color Blocking

Ok, so technically this isn’t a single ‘color trend’ like the rest of the colors on this list. However, it is a hot trend in painting right now, so it needs to be mentioned. For 2020, we’re going to see a lot more of that return to retro, and part of that comes in “matching” clashing colors to create an interesting focal point. From bold colors to wall graphics and even fabric prints, creating a contrasting space is in high demand among interior design trends for the upcoming year.

Who Decides?

So now that we’ve talked about the hottest color trends for interior painting, you’re probably wondering who decides these trends. Part of the information comes from paint manufacturers and their predictions (think Sherwin Williams, Pantone, etc.). Another factor is what’s selling right now, as well as what people are looking to buy for upcoming projects. Finally, we factor in the opinions of professional designers, since they’re the ones usually setting the design trends in the first place.

Of course, since there are so many different opinions, there are going to be a variety of different lists out there advising you on the best trends for the upcoming year when it comes to interior painting. If you take a little time to review them, you’ll probably also notice that they are mostly the same, save for a few exceptions here and there. Feel free to go with any color you like, even if it’s one that didn’t make our list, because when it comes to painting your home, you have to like what you choose. All trends aside, that’s really what matters when you’re painting your home.

How to Choose

The type of mood you want to create and the space that you’re painting will be the two biggest factors in determining the best interior paint color for your home. What works for a living room might not work for an office, and vice versa, so make sure that you choose colors that inspire the right ambiance and don’t create a mood that isn’t fitting for the space. You aren’t going to get much rest if you paint your bedroom an aggressive red, for example.

One great way to get inspired by paint trends and other trends in home decor and design is to get online. Use sites like Pinterest and Houzz to see what others are doing and get inspired. You might even be able to find exact brand colors that you love so that you can simply go buy the perfect color without having to pick your own perfect shade.

One thing is certain: if you choose any of the colors on this list, you can guarantee that your home will be among the trendiest of 2020. Remember to go bold and don’t be afraid of color, because right now color is where it’s at.

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