3 Things to Consider for your next Exterior Commercial Painting Project

Exterior Painting 19/11/2018

Painting the exterior of your building is a great way to give your commercial space a new fresh look that can rejuvenate a business. Each year, companies all over the world undergo large exterior commercial painting projects to rebrand, refurbish, or modernize their look, and a similar project could do wonders for your commercial space as well. If this is an option you would like to explore for your business, you can trust that the experts at Elite Trade Painting Edmonton are the right professionals for the job.

Throughout our decades of experience, we have seen it all and guarantee to provide the best results of any professional painting service in the Edmonton area. As you prepare for your next exterior commercial painting project take the following three things into consideration.

Understand the Size of your Project

Exterior painting projects are notoriously larger than most people understand and can take a lot of time. Before committing to painting the exterior of your commercial space, work with the Elite Trade Painting professionals to develop a realistic understanding of the size of your specific project.

By thoroughly understanding what your project entails you can develop a realistic budget, plan accordingly for any potential disruptions in normal operation, and in general avoid any unwelcome surprises throughout the process.

Consider Color

Painting exterior commercial spaces is a serious endeavor. Not only can it be a long and costly process but the final product will also have a lasting impact on your business. Before diving headfirst into a major exterior makeover, do your research and be fully confident in the color or color scheme you want to use.

The last thing you want after a project is complete is painter’s remorse. The more confident you are before the paint hits the wall, the happier you will be with the final product.

Go Big or Go Home!

If you are serious about giving your commercial space an exterior paint job, don’t stop there. While a new paint job will make any business shine, it may also draw attention to less appealing parts of your property.

Consider regularly pressure washing your building, cleaning up the landscaping, and restoring any exterior embellishments that may be a bit rough around the edges. This, in conjunction with a new paint job, will provide your commercial space with the ultimate exterior makeover.


There are countless ways to revive or reenergize a business, and one of the most obvious is giving the exterior a facelift. Whether your businesses needs a boost or your commercial space just needs a refresh, Elite Trade Painting is here for you.

Give us a call today to schedule an appointment, get a quote, and start your next exterior painting project today!

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