Buying an Existing Home? Paint It Now!

Exterior Painting 28/05/2019

In the market for an existing home in the Edmonton area?

It makes sense – you can often get more for your money, and there are plenty of great homes on offer. However, we would like to point out one piece of advice that’s often overlooked – paint that home before you move into it. Why should you bother? Are you pressed enough for time with all that’s involved the home buying and moving processes?

Save Hassle

Yes, buying a home and moving are complex processes that put a lot on you. However, you’re going to want to paint that home anyway, and doing it before you move in saves you time and hassle down the road. Chances are good that the seller didn’t paint the home, and the walls, baseboards, and even ceilings and doors may bear witness to the years of life lived in the home. Repainting now lets you erase those signs, and it ensures that you don’t have to move your own belongings in order to do it.

Save Time

The house hunting process can be exhausting and time-consuming. You’ll go through home after home, ranking them based on their appeal to you, including the condition of the interior paint. However, if you were able to take the paint off the table, how much more quickly would you be able to find a home that you loved? For most buyers, it can dramatically shorten the process. By painting before you move in, you’re able to expand your options and find a home faster.

Tie in with Other Remodelling

If you’re buying an existing home, chances are good that you want to take the opportunity to customise the place to meet your family’s needs. Maybe you want a new kitchen. Perhaps you want an outdoor deck installed. You might need new flooring or a bathroom renovation. Whatever the case, you can tie painting the interior in with your other renovation work. At Elite Trade Painting, we can even coordinate with your other contractors to ensure everything is done on time and to your satisfaction.

Peace of Mind

Finally, when you work with Elite Trade Painting to ensure that your new-to-you Edmonton home is painted before you move in, we want to ensure that you’re satisfied. To that end, we’ll send a professional painter back after you move in to handle whatever touch-ups are needed.

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