Do You Really Need to Paint Your Home before Putting It on the Market?

Exterior Painting 21/06/2019

Thinking about selling your Edmonton home and moving? If so, there’s a lot you’ll need to take care of, but one thing that many sellers overlook is the need to paint their home before putting it on the market. Is that a requirement? No, but it should be. Why should you paint before selling?

Make the Best Impression

Perhaps the single most important reason to paint your home before you put in on the market is to ensure that you make the best first impression on potential buyers. If a buyer steps into your home and notices scuffs and faded areas, they may still like the home but they’re not going to love it. That means it’ll drop down the list of potential options.

By investing in fresh paint, you immediately boost the appeal of your home. That not only ensures you make a good first impression, but it can shorten the time your house sits on the market and it can even affect the offers you receive.

Update the Colours

Chances are good that it has been many years since your home was painted. That means the exterior colours are probably no longer in style. It also means that the interior is probably not up to date, either. Both of those are problems, as they do not put your home in the best light, and they can create a break between potential buyers and your home. Buyers accustomed to modern colours will be disconnected, and will not be as apt to make an offer, or even put your home on their list of potential candidates.

By painting now, you remove that obstacle. And, it’s actually simpler than you might think to repaint. Go with neutral colours and light tones – avoid dark colours, even if they’re personal favourites. Remember that you’re not painting for yourself. You’re painting for the market.

Prep for Your Move

Finally, you’ll find some personal benefits in painting your home before you put it on the market. When you paint, you have to clean the rooms where painting occurs. That’s a great opportunity to start downsizing, eliminating, or even boxing up items in preparation for your move.

As you can see, there are plenty of compelling reasons to paint your Edmonton home before you put it on the market. When the time comes, call us at Elite Trade Painting for a free consultation and estimate.

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