How to Paint a Stucco House

Painting Tips and Techniques 11/09/2018

Every homeowner has their own unique style and ambitions for how they want their house to look. From landscaping to interior design there are seemingly infinite ways to customize your home, however arguably the most eye-catching is the paint job. The color of your house and the style in which you choose to paint it will command the attention of visitors and passerby alike. From the walls to the ceilings, the choice is yours but the professionals at Elite Trade Painting – Edmonton will be here for you every step of the way. As should be expected, some styles of painting are more challenging or demanding than others. Painting or repainting a stucco home, for example, can be much more challenging than a normal house. Read on to discover how to best paint the walls and ceilings of your stucco house in Edmonton.

Closely Examine and Clean your Stucco Walls and Ceilings


stucco inspection

Before you begin painting, it is imperative that you take a close look at the condition of your stucco home. Check for cracks or patches and fix them before applying the first coat of paint. Typically, acrylic caulk is the best and easiest way. Look for caulk with added sand for an even more professional finish. Once you’ve checked for damage, clean your home with a pressure washer to eliminate any grime or residue that naturally builds up on homes over time.

Wait for a Weather Window

Good weather is a necessity when painting your stucco home. Any rainwater that ends up getting trapped inside the stucco will cause bigger problems in the long run. Before the first coat of paint, you need to ensure that the stucco is not holding in any moisture for ease of painting, the health of the walls being coated, and the final appearance.

Applying the Paint

There are many ways to apply paint to a stucco home, and choosing the right way depends on your specific situation. That said, most professionals will recommend using a sprayer as they are faster and use far less paint. Rolling paint can be a good way to get to hard to reach places or to eliminate lines left by spraying. It is also worth noting that a stucco wall will require much more paint than a standard wall of the same size, due to the added surface area of the textured finish. Be sure to keep this in mind when purchasing paint for your project.

Stucco Painting Before-After

There is a lot to consider when painting your home, no matter the style. Whether this is a project you want to take on yourself or hire out to professionals, Elite Trade Painting – Edmonton is here for you. As you prepare to paint your stucco home, reach out to our team today for tips, tricks, and suggestions to help give your house the fancy new coat it deserves.

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