Types of Paint to Consider for your Exterior Painting Project

Painting Tips and Techniques 30/10/2018


Every painting project requires proper preparation and consideration before getting started. Once you outline your project and create your budget you can move forward into considering colors, styles, and types of paint and whether you want it done professionally or if it is something you can tackle on your own. If you are considering bringing in a professional for your upcoming exterior painting project, look no further than Elite Trade Painting in Edmonton.

Our team has decades of experience working with all types of paint on all styles of home and guarantee to give your house the new look that you are hoping for. Whether you are planning on selling your home and need to freshen it up to stun potential buyers with their first impression or want a new color of exterior paint to change things up personally, Elite Trade Painting has you covered.

Stop in today to check out what colors of exterior paint are available to you, what type of paint to consider for your home, and to chat with a professional about what we may recommend. If you want to start wrapping your mind around your exterior painting project now, continue reading to learn a bit more about oil based and latex paint – the two main types of exterior paint you are likely to use.

Oil Based Exterior Paint

Oil-based paints are very commonly used for exterior painting projects, and there is a good chance you will be using it for your project as well! At Elite Trade Painting, our professional staff is regularly using oil-based paints on homes that have already been painted with oil-based paint. If you are unsure what your current exterior paint is, try peeling off a small chip. If it cracks or snaps right away, it is an oil based paint. If the chip bends before it snaps you have a latex paint on your home.

Of course, you can always bring your sample chip into Elite Trade Painting and we can test it for you as well. In general, oil-based exterior paint is very strong and water resistant. Additionally, it has better surface penetration and adhesion and is ideal for stain blocking or stained surfaces, metals, and bleeding wood. Depending on your specific exterior painting project, the oil-based paint may be the perfect thing for the job.

Latex Exterior Paint

Latex, or non-oil based, paint has improved dramatically in recent years. Whereas oil-based paint used to be the gold standard for exterior painting projects, marked improvements have been made in the latex paint world and professional painters are using it with as much frequency as oil based. Whether you personally end up using oil or latex paint is entirely dependent on your specific project and the painter’s recommendations, but today you really can’t go wrong.

Latex paints tend to be easier to work with and can even be just as durable as their oil-based counterparts. Latex paints also tend to be more flexible than oil-based paints meaning that your fresh coat will expand and contract with the siding on your house and won’t crack or peel. In the latex paint world, there are a variety of different styles as well. If you live in an area with extreme weather or many weather fluctuations, consider a latex paint with acrylic binder as it tends to do better in harsh weather than vinyl-acrylic alternatives.


There is a lot to consider when choosing the right type of paint for the job, and it is also worth noting that depending on your project you may be using a variety of different kinds. Your porch paint will differ from your gutter paint, just as your roof paint will likely differ from your siding paint.

There are specialty paints and styles to consider when dealing with virtually any surface, and your best bet is to lean on the professionals to help. Thankfully, at Elite Trade Painting in Edmonton, our friendly and knowledgeable staff has been doing this for years.

Whether you have questions regarding the differences between oil-based and latex exterior paint, want recommendations on colors, or simply need an expert to get your job done right at an affordable cost, we are here for you. Stop in today to get the ball rolling on your next big exterior painting project.

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