What Types of Work Can the Team of Commercial Painters at Elite Trade Painting Provide?

Exterior Painting 07/06/2019

If you have been seeking commercial painters for such diverse jobs as those below, the Elite Trade Painting commercial painting teams can handle it. While they are able to quickly apply traditional oil or enamel coatings, they also have elastomeric coatings for exterior concrete and masonry walls. It is why they can handle such tasks as:

Industrial properties

Storage buildings, factory and production facilities, and even recently remodeled or renovated structures are able to be cleaned, prepped, primed and painted as needed.

Office and office buildings

Whether built of concrete, brick, metal or wood (or a combination), they can be cleaned and updated by the commercial painters at Elite Trade Painting, and interiors can also be handled quickly and easily.

Restaurants and Cafes

Improving curb appeal and using only the safest methods and coatings available is easy when you hire experienced commercial painting professionals. Detailed interiors that give a clean, bright and fresh appearance can be easily achieved with the expert interior paint professionals of Elite.

Retail stores and shops

Whether new builds or renovations and repainting jobs, any storefront or shop entry can be radically improved by expert painting, while interiors can be brightened and given the kind of style and visual appeal essential to retail success


Vast in size, this sort of painting requires specialty gear, and expertise in the kinds of coatings needed to remain good looking for years to come.
While having the equipment and skill to apply paint to such commercial buildings is important, there is much more to the story.

When selecting a firm for a commercial painting project, they need to have a great deal of expertise. They also have to be fully committed to the kind of detailed prep work that is needed for the best results. It can be tempting to skimp on this step because a commercial property (interior or exterior) is usually much larger. However, it is the prep that ensures the best results.

When you want knowledge in the right paints and finishes for a commercial building, expert preparation and application, and an accurate estimate process, the team at Elite Trade Painting is ready to help.

Offering only licensed and insured professionals, the best paints and coatings, and the ability to take on commercial repainting, new construction projects, and smaller commercial or industrial work, they can handle interior and exterior work quickly and effectively.

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