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Exterior Trim on a Split Level Home

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Exterior Trim on a Split Level Home - DIY

Clean, scrape, prime , caulk, paint: if you are going to do do it right it will look better and last much longer). Most people decide to paint when 20-30 % of the trim has failed so we can assume that this is the case. Timeframes below include proper preparation of surfaces.

  • For each window expect 1.5 to 2 hrs larger windows can take you 3 plus hours. Add more time for higher windows( height will slow you down considerably). Typically there are 10 to 12 windows on a split level. Total time 20-24 hours
  • For each door expect 1-2 hours two to three doors for most homes. Total time 3-6 hours
  • For a garage door you can expect to spend 2 hours on a single car garage door and up to 3 hours for a double. Adding in accent trim and window will add more time. Total time 2-4 hours
  • For soffit and fascia expect to do a five foot length every hour ( assuming a  1 foot fascia and 2 foot soffit). Split levels have a minimum of 120 – 140 feet of soffit and fascia. Total time 24 to 28 hours.

Total time to expect for this project is 47-58 hours, most will get this project done during a weeks vacation.Add 4-6 hours to this timetable if you decide to power wash your home first (this is highly recommended).

You can expect the following costs:

Paint and primer at $60 per gallon. Your average two level home will use 3 gallons of paint and 1 gallon of primer plus if you decide to do your doors a different color add another gallon. Your total cost for paint will be $300.00.

Equipment , materials and rental costs of approximately: $239.00-$408.00

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  1. Brushes (3-4 recommended) one primer, one for each color $28.50-$38.00
  2. Whizz arm and sleeve(s) $9.00
  3. Empty paint can $2.00
  4. Paint hook $7.00
  5. Scraper ( 2 extra blades) $9.00
  6. Sanding sponge (1) $2.00
  7. 9in1 tool ( or similar tool) $11.00
  8. Caulking gun and caulking (2 tubes) $11.00
  9. Drop sheets(2) $40.00
  10. Ladder Rental or purchase ( need a 24′ and/or a multiway ladder) rental- week rental $120.00-$180.00 purchase $250.00- 280.00
  11. Broom and/or Shop vacuum $0

Optional: Power wash rental $90.00

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