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Painting the Siding of a One Storey Home

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Exterior painting project in Halifax

Wash, scrape, prime, caulk and paint (one coat) of approximately 1500 ftsq of siding. As with most exterior projects washing is critical, a power wash is highly recommended for projects of this type. Most people feel a need for painting when the surface concerned has failed by 30% or more. All time frames below include preparation of the surface (highly failed areas will require more time)

  • Power wash all areas 4-6 hours
  • Painting and prep of siding at a rate of 50ftsq per hour 30 hours

Total time to expect for this project: 34-36 hours

Add 10-12 hours if a second coat is required (this is usually required for color changes)

You can expect the following costs:

Paint costs: a good quality exterior paint will cost $60.00 per gallon. 1500 ftsq of siding will require 5 gallons. You will also need two gallons of primer Costing $50.00 per gallon. The total cost of paint and primer will be $400.

Equipment, materials and rental cost will be: $330 – $530

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  • Brushes (2) $19.00
  • Whizz handle and sleeves $11.00
  • Roller cage and 30 mm sleeve, tray and trayliners (2) $26.00
  • Paint hook $7.00
  • Empty can $2.00
  • Tape and protective paper $9.00
  • Scraper and extra blades (3-4) $13.00
  • 9in1 (or similar tool) $11.00
  • Sanding sponge $2.00
  • Drop sheets $40.00
  • Caulking gun and caulking (2 tubes) $11.00
  • Extension pole (4-8 foot) $20.00
  • Ladders (24 and a multiway) Rental $80-110 purchase $250.00-$280.00
  • Power washer rental $90.00

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