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Staining of a 14’ x 12’ Deck

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Stained deck project

Clean, scrape/ sand, stain/paint (two coats). Decks require cleaning prior to staining or painting and a power washing should always be done. Most decks fail in a few years (maximum lifespan is 4 years in most climates) the expectation is that most decks have 30% or more of the area failed when it is deemed that painting is required. (All time frames include preparation of surfaces, highly failed areas will require more time)

  • To do any deck properly you should power wash expect this to be 4 hour task
  • Railings expect to do 5 feet per hour depending on type of rail 8 hours
  • Steps can be done at a rate of 30-40 ftsq per hour Expec 1-1.5 hours
  • Deck Floor expect 50-60 ftsq per hour depending on The condition of the floor (If in good shape expect 100ftsq per hour). Expect 1.5-3 hours
  • Skirt boards and posts at 40 linear feet per hour you can expect another 1.5 to 2.5 hours

Other areas

  • Lattice you can expect to do 50ftsq per hour Which can add another 3-4 hours if present

If the deck requires a ladder to reach outer areas then add 20-30 % more time to rails, skirt boards and posts

Total time to expect for this project is 15- 19 hours

You can expect the following costs:

Paint/stain: Although there are some paint products available for decks it is generally accepted that decks will be stained. A solid stain is the ideal choice for most decks (And is an easy application for novices) although semi-transparent ( which is significantly more difficult to apply correctly) is an option that many choose. The application of a semi transparent stain can add 25-30% to your time (the avoidance of lapping and other issues makes this product more difficult to apply). A high end solid deck stain will Be around $60 per gallon and you will require 3-4 gallons the cost will be $180 – $240

Equipment, materials and rental costs: $160 – $200

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  1. Good quality brush (1) $9.50
  2. Whizz cage and sleeves (1-2) $11.00
  3. Empty can $2.00
  4. Wire brush $5.00
  5. Scraper and blade $7.00
  6. 9in1 or similar tool $11.00
  7. Caulking gun and Tube of caulking $9.00
  8. Drop sheets $40.00
  9. Power washer rental $90.00

If necessary a multiway ladder rental $50.00 purchase $110.00

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