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The Right Colour


The ‘Single Colour’ or ‘Monochromatic’ scheme is the most basic in decorating. It uses only one colour… tints, tones or shades of that colour, and possibly black or white. This colour scheme is the most restful and uncomplicated of all the schemes because there are no other colours competing with this colour. Use this scheme in areas where you wish to create a calm, tranquil setting. It also assists in creating a more uniform appearance in any given space. Areas that are most suitable to this scheme include bedrooms, bathrooms, small spaces, hallways and other areas where you wish to incorporate a more calming atmosphere.


Two colours opposite each other on the colour wheel are a ‘Contrasting’ or a ‘Complementary’ scheme. This scheme delivers an exciting interplay of colour. Depending on the strength of selected colours, the look may range from playful to dynamic. Areas that are most suitable to this scheme are entry areas, living rooms, children’s rooms and kitchens where you wish to create a more spirited interplay of colour. Consider using a colour wheel if you would like to create a scheme that could be used in one room, or though out a home for additional colours and accents. We have listed the most basic colour schemes below as a reference point for any decorating project.



Three colours neighbouring each other in the colour wheel represent a ‘Harmonious’ or “Analogous’ scheme. This scheme incorporates colours that naturally flow from one to another creating a harmony or rhythm of colour. For inspiring combinations look to textiles, artwork and accessories. Areas that are most suitable for this scheme may be those that are next to each other in your home or those where you would like to create a flow of colour from one space to another such as living and dining rooms, family rooms, study areas and bedroom along with adjoining spaces.


Three colours forming a triangle on the colour wheel represent a ‘Dynamic’ or ‘Triadic’ scheme. This combination brings together colours that are significantly different from one another and therefore create one of the most dynamic colour schemes. Areas that are most suitable for this scheme are those in which you would like to incorporate colour with greater diversity. Brighter tones will invigorate a space while softer colours will result in a subdued and unique palette. Areas include: the family room, playroom, kitchen, or spaces in which you’d like to create an active atmosphere.

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