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Common Questions & Answers

1. How often should I be staining the deck on my home?
This all depends on the product used: if it is done with semi transparent stain then it should be maintained with a new coat of stain every two years. If it is a solid deck stain you will likely need to re-coat after 4 years but may get as many as five years before needing to re-do the deck.
2. What paint can I put on my interior walls to give them durability?
The most common paint used on walls for both residential and commercial is eggshell latex. This type provides washability, scrubability and durability for normal usage. Semi gloss and higher sheen levels will provide greater durability. The higher the shine the more durability. There are some flat paints that provide washability and durability ( insure that the manufacturer state that it is washable and scrubable) but most are not and are not recommended.
3. Do I need someone in to repair my walls prior to painting?
We will fix most minor cracks and holes as part of our painting service so that you do not have to hire someone else to do this work. That being said if there is an extensive amount of filling and/ or there is new drywall to be taped and finished a drywaller may be necessary as a separate contractor prior to our arrival. Your Elite Estimator will be able to assess this easily for you.
4. Will you be using staging to paint the exterior of my home?
Most exterior painting is done by using ladders. Painters generally are not in any one spot long enough to justify the setup of staging. There are however many instances where we use mechanical elevation devices such as boom lifts and scissor lifts.
5. How long will it take to paint a bedroom in my house?
In general typical 12x12 rooms take anywhere from 3-4 hours for walls only, adding in ceilings and trims( doors, windows and baseboards) will take 7-8 hours. Bigger rooms can take longer.
6. What is highest quality paint available?
All major manufacturers produce high quality paint. They each have their premium lines that are at the top level of paint quality. One manufacturer may be slightly better in some feature on a particular product but in general this is really an exercise in splitting hairs as they all are very high quality products. Simply put as long as you are using a manufacturers top levels of products you are safe. In many cases manufacturers can have several top lines. In these cases choosing the one that best suits the characteristics of your project is best done by consulting with a manufacturers rep or an Elite Estimator.
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