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Why the Painting Franchise Business?

The home services industry is a $100 billion dollar (and expanding) industry. In today’s culture, a home is much more to a person than a place to reside. It is a reflection of self, and a continuation of one’s tastes and way of life. It is THE place where you connect with family, friends and community.

Painting a home is a quick and cost effective way to revitalize and breathe new life into any home. In good times people buy new properties and one of the first things they do is paint. In lesser times they may not buy these new properties but still desire rejuvenation and the most cost effective rejuvenation has and always will be to paint.

A new paint job can make all the difference to a decorating project. Home owners know that a fresh paint job is the secret to selling their home, and new home buyers know that a new paint job is just what is needed to make a new house feel like their home. However, most people do not have the proper skills, tools or time to complete their painting project themselves. As an ETP franchise manager, you will be able to assist your clients in achieving their goals.

Why is the painting franchise business a lucrative venture?

The painting trade, like other trades, has grown tremendously in the last twenty years. This increase is the result of several major factors including:

  • The change in demographics over the years has resulted in an increase in disposable income for dual income families.
  • The reduction in the supply of tradespeople coupled with the corresponding increase in demand for trade services.
  • The busy nature of the modern lifestyle has led to a lack of time for the average person to perform home maintenance projects.

There has been a growing demand for painting contractors in recent years. As children of the baby boomers mature, they are more likely to attend a university as opposed to a college or a trade school. The retirement age for baby boomers is arriving and many of the tradespeople in this demographic are not being replaced, creating opportunities for businesses like Elite Trade Painting.  Painting services have remained in demand despite times of economic hardship. Even when a family’s disposable incomes declines, homeowners will spend money on minor home maintenance, like painting, over larger home maintenance items, like renovations. Most homeowners take pride in their property and are willing to devote financial resources in order to maintain their principal investment.

Why is franchising a sound business decision?

  • “92 per cent of new franchises pass the critical first five years [after opening a new business] – a rate nearly four times higher than independent businesses.”(Canadian Business Franchise Directory 2009, pg.138)
  • This above statement alone is enough to support the position that franchising is a viable business option. The opportunity to start an enterprise with a tested and proven business model that provides a franchisee with guidance, knowledge, training, and support services is invaluable.
  • Another advantage of operating a franchise business is the consumer’s perception of reliability and quality associated with a recognized franchised brand. Marketing power, supplier relationships, and the management knowledge of the franchisor is what makes franchising a great business option. Particular to Elite Trade Painting, our proven estimating techniques and standardization of the job process makes our system superior.
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