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Interior Painting 11/10/2018

Once you own a home, it is yours to customize in whatever way makes you happy. You get to choose the furniture, decorations, landscaping, and design – all of which can be adjusted to suit your style and preferences.

Interior painting is arguably the most effective way to change the design and feel of a room in your home, and colours dictate a lot when it comes to the overall atmosphere of a space. Interior paint comes in all styles and colours as well, each of which will help to create a different ambiance.

If you are looking for ideas for painting your office, keep reading for colour and style suggestions from our professional, experienced, and design savvy team here at Elite Trade Painting in Mississauga.

Add an Accent Wall

office with an accent wall

This style has become increasingly popular in the past few years for all interior rooms, but it can especially add a lot to an office space. An accent wall will brighten a room and can also given added attention to a room’s focal point. With interior painting, many painters will have three walls share the same colour and the fourth, often behind the desk, painted as an accent colour.

Consider Using Write-On Interior Paint

Depending on what you plan on using your personal office for, write-on interior paint could be a great thing to consider. Using whiteboard or chalkboard paint provides an erasable canvas directly on your wall, allowing you to scrawl notes, reminders, calendars, or other important information in an easy and erasable fashion.

write on interior paint

If you don’t want to paint an entire wall as such, consider creating a smaller section to add a little fun, quirkiness, and utility to your office.

Make your Office Visually Larger with Specialized Painting Techniques

visually larger with specialized painting techniques
Lighter colours are good for smaller spaces, as they will make a room feel larger.

If you are dealing with a smaller space, there are a variety of interior paints and interior painting techniques to make your office seem much bigger. For example, by fading one or more colors into one another the eye is tricked into visualizing more space than there actually is.

This can be done by fading lighter into darker paints, or vice versa, and can be done both horizontally or vertically along a wall. Check with the professionals at Elite Trade Painting in Mississauga for suggestions and recommendations for your specific space.

What do different colours stimulate in the brain?

yellow painted office
Yellow encourages the ego and spirit.

Psychologists all over the world have devoted a lot of time into researching the effects of different colours on the human mind. While this can be situational to some extent, a lot of studies have pointed to a few patterns. As you select paint for your office, consider how different colour schemes may impact the space.

Red, for instance, is said to have the biggest impact on the body and demonstrates physicality and strength.

Painting your office red is a great idea if you will use the space to meet clients or want to create an open and social vibe.

If you will be exchanging money often in your office, consider painting the walls – you guessed it – green.

Green is said to exude balance, comfort, and relaxation – all of which are ideal characteristics to promote in potentially stressful situations.

Yellow encourages the ego and spirit. It is optimistic in nature and is perfect for offices that rely on creativity and open-mindedness to get things done.

Finally, blue is a color often used by professionals who constantly have their brains firing on all cylinders.

This color promotes focus and attentiveness and is ideal for stressful positions where concentration and calmness is key.

How and When to Best Use Colors

The above descriptions are just ideas, but there is a lot more to properly selecting your interior paint for your office. In general, neutral colors are better for serious business environments whereas bright colors are great for creating a higher level of energy. As noted above, space is also a critical thing to consider.

Conversely, darker colours in a big room will make it feel for comfortable and warm.


There are countless things to consider when interior painting, and on the surface it can be rather overwhelming.

However, it doesn’t have to be. Giving your home office or other interior spaces a facelift should be a fun and exciting experience, and our expert team at Elite Trade Painting is here for you.

Whether your interior painting project is an office, bedroom, or complete overall of the interior paint in your home, Elite Trade Painting in Mississauga has the team, tools, and technology to turn your project from dream to reality.

Reach out to us today and see how we can help you with all of your interior paint and painting needs.

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