Why You Should Paint Your Home before Putting It on the Market

Painting Designs and Ideas 21/06/2019

If you’re thinking about moving, you will most likely also need to sell your current home. It can be a delicate balancing act to search for a new home while getting your current home up to speed so that it sells quickly and for the best price. One of the most important things you can do to ensure you get the best value from it is to paint your home before putting it on the market. Why is that?

It Boosts Value and Appeal

Perhaps the most important reasons to paint your home before putting it on the market are because doing so will boost the value of your property, as well as its appeal to potential buyers. Not convinced that a fresh coat of paint can have such wide-ranging benefits? Check out what the Globe and Mail has to say. Or, read this article from Opendoor, or this one from Chatelaine Magazine. All of them agree that painting is one of the most cost-effective ways of adding value and appeal to your home.

It’s Simpler Than You Think

Chances are good that you believe repainting your home is going to be a huge task. We won’t lie – it can be time consuming, but chances are good that it will not be as bad as you think. Many homes only need the interior walls repainted to cover over scuffs and scrapes that come from everyday living. In many cases, the ceilings, doors, windows, door frames and window frames will not need to be repainted. However, if they do need it, our recommendation is to go ahead and repaint them.

Create an Open, Inviting Feel

Repainting the interior of your home is a great way to achieve an open, inviting feel by using light, neutral colours. You don’t have to use white or off-white – there are plenty of other neutrals out there that can help you create a clean, fresh feel that invites potential buyers into the home. At Elite Trade Painting, we can help you find the perfect combination of paint colours for your home.

Accomplishing Several Things at Once

Painting your home actually ties into other aspects of the move-out process. You’ll need to work on decluttering, downsizing, and even packing items up. That means repainting your home can actually help ensure you’re able to accomplish several tasks at one time and reduce the stress when moving time rolls around.

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