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  1. A job process schedule will be established for all commercial projects by your ETP project manager prior to the project start. This schedule will be the basis for the projects timeline and it’s on time completion.
  2. Job sites should be cleaned prior to the commencement of work. This will help insure quality and minimize possible safety hazards.
  3. Color schedules and approvals shall be completed prior to job start. Your ETP manager can provide color samples, advice and recommendations for colour consultants and designers to assist in this task.
  4. Other trades, pedestrian and vehicular traffic should be minimized and ideally eliminated during the progress of the job. Where this is not possible traffic control and trades schedule can be accommodated in the creation of the job process schedule.
  5. Activities such as sanding, cutting, grinding and other activities that create airborne debris must never occur during the painting stage of the project.
  6. All revisions, adjustments and additions will be made known immediately. Your ETP manager shall make the necessary changes to the job schedule and contract terms.
  7. ETP jobs will follow the generally accepted construction chronological order for construction: demolition ( when applicable ), structure, electrical , plumbing, drywall , paint, millwork, flooring , fixtures and final clean up unless otherwise made known by the client.

Note: In some projects certain prep processes, painting of ceilings and some painting will be scheduled outside the above schedule, your ETP manager will provide the optimal timeframe for your project.

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