How to Choose the Right Painting Company for Your Project

Painting 19/06/2019

It is easy to think that one painting company is the same as the next. Yet, did you know that you can find house painters specializing in homes, garages and other similar properties, and also commercial painters with the tools and skills to tackle entirely different work? Whether they call themselves commercial or residential painters, they might also specialize in interior painting or exterior painting.

That means that when choosing a painting company for your next project, you have to start with one simple question to yourself:

Am I in need of residential painters OR commercial painters?

House Painters Can Be More

Of course, in answering that simple question, you may have only narrowed down the options by a minor degree because many modern painters offer a diversity of services, including interior painting and exterior painting of commercial, as well as residential, properties.

The Selection Process

So, what can you do as you try to identify the best painting contractor for your needs? Start with that question above, learning which ONLY work as house painters or commercial painters, and which do multiple kinds of work.

Then, narrow them down further. For example, it is entirely acceptable to ask commercial and residential painters what their most common type of painting might be. For instance, is it new homes or businesses? Is it mostly commercial interior painting or residential exterior painting?

Try to get your range down to at least three painting company options that specialize in the painting you’re looking for, and then dig deeper.

The Specifics

Whether it is business or house painters in question, find out how long they have been in business. Ask about licensing and insurance. Most importantly, ask about references. Do they have at least two or three previous clients who will speak with you about the quality of the work or share their thoughts.

Also, ask about such issues as written estimates that itemize all that is to be done by the residential painters or commercial painters. Will there be any subcontractors involved? Are there guarantees? What steps are taken and included in the quote?

It won’t matter if it is interior painting or exterior painting, there will always be prep work, the actual painting (which means priming as well as painting), finishing treatments, and clean up. The painting company that gives an estimate for painting alone is not the one to work with since it proves they are either inexperienced or hiding fees that will be added later.

What Painters Should Do

Be aware that house painters and commercial painters should be happy to clarify about the surface prep, number of coats of paint, types of paints and even the amount of time to do the work. While commercial and residential painters are estimating the hours needed for any interior painting or exterior painting, they should be able to give a very fair idea of what will be involved.

Start with the Right Painting Company

Now that you know that painters can offer residential interior and exterior services, commercial interior and exterior services, and even specialty work such as decks, rails or steps, you can start to find the right provider.

Elite Trade Painting offers a wide array of services and provides a comprehensive estimate process that ensures you get accurate figures for work of almost any kind.

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