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Your painting job will be guaranteed for two years. Less than 1% of our jobs will require guarantee work. However, if your job is in need of this service, it will be attended to promptly and thoroughly as we firmly stand behind our guarantee.



Full Details Of Our Guarantee

  • Two years on all applicable workmanship.​
  • Painting is guaranteed for a period of two years from the date of completion against cracking and peeling resulting from our workmanship.
  • We will fix only those specific areas that have failed.
  • Our guarantee is for labour only. The client will supply paint, primer and any materials required to facilitate the necessary repairs.
  • We will only repair in accordance with the description of the original work.
  • Guarantee work will be completed as soon as possible after notification of the problem. For the best service for exterior guarantee, notification should take place before April 30 in order for the work to be completed in the upcoming season.
  • This Guarantee is not transferable to another individual or corporation. 
  • The independent franchise contractor, in some circumstances, and in its sole discretion, may choose to provide a cash value for any valid guarantee claims. This value will be determined based on the percentage of job failure and the actual cost of the job at the time the work was completed.




































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This Guarantee does not apply to the following (please note these are industry standards):