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Does your home need to have the interior painted? Is it time for a Color change or have years taken their toll on the paint, looking a little dull and worn? If so a fresh coat of paint will bring it back to the bright clean look it once had. A Color change can do even more with a change in the entire feel of your home.

If you live in the Portland Maine area Elite Trade Painting is available to service, all of your interior painting needs.

Painting on your own takes time and the investment in tools and materials you don’t have adds a significant cost. When you consider your costs and time vs the value of using the professionals from Elite Trade Painting. It becomes apparent that hiring us is your best option.
We have been working in the painting field for more than 30 years, and we have a wealth of experience when it comes to residential interiors. When you work with us, you’ll be working with a company that provides dedication, experience, and expertise that you won’t find with other painters in Portland.

Our goal is to ensure you are happy with your home’s paint job and the service we provide. We get the job done right and on budget. Your home is your biggest investment, and we understand this. We always treat the property like it’s our own.

Our Interior Painting Process

Even though you might feel that the outside of the house is dealing with more wear and tear, the interior also suffers from everyday use. Those white ceilings from 6 years ago are no longer white because of cooking, showers and just being in the house doing everyday activities. Walls get knocked, pictures get hung in the wrong spot, and cracks appear as the home moves ever so slightly. Even the sunlight can cause paint to fade over time, move a picture and have a look at the difference in a sun-exposed wall. All of these add up over time and what was bright clean and blemish free is no longer.

Interior Painting Team

Your interior paint should look great you deserve it, and this however will mean repainting the interior walls, ceiling or trim every 6-8 years.

We will handle everything for your painting project from start to finish except for the colours (that is your main job to do), including the proper preparation of the site. Good preparation will ensure the paint job lasts longer and that the paint goes on the walls smoothly.

Proper preparation includes:

Repair minor cracks and pinholes on the walls

Preparing the room, cleaning and sanding as needed, so the paint will adhere better

Caulking the window trim, door trim, and baseboards

Once prep work is completed, it’s time to paint there may be some priming where required before we start painting.

We make sure to use the highest quality primers and paints from the best manufacturers in the United States. We select their best products for the project.

Our painters will ensure that all the lines are straight, and the paint surface is smooth. You will love the way your home looks when we’ve finished.

Design and Color Help

Etp Colour Consultation

Choosing interior paint colors is often one of the hardest tasks. Most of us do not have much experience when it comes to choosing paint Colors. There are many Color choices for a single brand of paint let alone the fact there are many brands available. It can feel a bit overwhelming however a good rule to follow is to seek out a look that you like and emulate it. It could be a home you have been in, an online article, a hotel or even an office space that you like.

Once you choose your colour, we will provide you with a sample that gives a larger ample wall area to see a chosen Color. After all who can tell much from a 1” sq chip

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