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About Elite Trade Painting

Elite Trade Painting provides professional painting services in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, and throughout the United States through a growing franchise network. We are proudly founded and headquartered in Canada.

Whether residential or commercial; interior or exterior; we paint everything, using only the very best primers and paints.

We are proud of our consistent work, pricing, and our satisfied and loyal customers. In business for over 25 years, we’re innovators in the industry, drawing on our experience to streamline processes for our franchise owners and customers.

What is our system built on?



Unlike most careers, operating your own franchise gives you the opportunity to be in business for yourself. Lifestyle is important for our franchisees to have a work-life balance.



We have always focused on creating value for both our customers and our franchisees, including our first-rate, extensive training program.



We are committed to continuously enhancing our franchise system and staying up to date with the trends and fluctuations in the marketplace.



We provide individual and group support to franchise managers. Structured with a solid business model, our franchisees are provided with ongoing corporate support and training to ensure they achieve their goals.



Our system works for you! With our innovative estimating and management systems, franchisees are able to launch their business fast. Our system provides: client & estimate tracking, professional proposals, appointment & job scheduling, employee management & tracking and billing & payroll.


  • Although painting knowledge and skills would be an asset in this business, it is not a requirement.
  • Elite Trade Painting provides training and training materials that will enable a full understanding of painting procedures, products and paint systems.
  • Franchise success is based more on possessing management knowledge than the franchisee’s ability to paint.

Elite Trade Painting provides numerous forms of ongoing franchisee support:

  • All franchisees utilize the Customer Service Centre located at our Head Office. Calls are answered professionally by our customer service representatives and dispatched swiftly via email or text message.
  • Our web based management system allows franchisees to manage all aspects of training, correspondence, customer information, job tracking and costing and keeps franchisees apprised of the latest corporate news.
  • A business coach is available to all franchisees.
  • Marketing programs that has been developed based on 25 years of customer demographic information is available to all franchisees.
  • National suppliers and discount programs are available to all franchisees.
  • Professional branding and marketing materials including clothing, signage, flyers, letters and business cards are available to all franchisees. Elite Trade Painting extends its group buying power in order to make marketing materials cost-effective.

Training will be carried out with the use of an Operations Manual, workbooks, seminars, videos, online assignments, and field training. The following are some of the topics that will be covered during the training:

  • Customer Service
  • Planning and Budgeting
  • Production Management
  • Time Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Personnel Management
  • Stress and Conflict Management
  • Administrative Training (MIS, Accounting)
  • Paint Systems
  • Painting Procedures
  • Paint Specifications
  • Estimating
  • Safety and Environmental Procedures
  • Yes. Franchisees are required to set up credit accounts with franchisor-approved suppliers ensuring group buying power and the use of high quality products.
  • Franchisees are also required to use professional grade equipment and to use a vehicle that is well maintained and properly insured that meets ETP’s requirements..

Supplies and Materials:

  • Elite Trade Painting’s current national suppliers are Dulux (PPG) and Sherwin Williams.


  • Equipment can be purchased through Elite Trade Painting’s national suppliers. If franchisees would like to purchase equipment elsewhere, the quality must equal or exceed that provided by the national suppliers.


  • All vehicles in a franchisee’s fleet must meet the minimum standards established by Elite Trade Painting. Vehicles must display Elite Trade Painting logos and artwork as per the specifications provided by the Franchisor. Vehicles must be well maintained and properly insured.
  • The Franchisor manages a National Advertising Fund to which franchisees are required to contribute two percent of gross sales on a monthly basis. This fund is used to promote and create awareness of the Elite Trade Painting brand on a national level.
  • In addition to this fund, franchisees are required to make an annual investment of a minimum of three percent of gross sales into their own marketing efforts. While marketing materials and group pricing benefits are extended by the Franchisor, these marketing efforts are to be managed, initiated and funded by the franchisee.
  • The Elite Trade Painting contract term is 10 years with a right to sell or transfer ownership within that period pending Franchisor approval.
  • There is also an option to renew at the end of the 10-year term if the Franchisor and the franchisee agree on the terms of renewal.
  • Territories will be specified by postal / zip codes and should have a minimum population of 50,000 residents unless a smaller territory is deemed viable based on market studies.
  • Market studies are performed on a selected territory. This study is based upon population figures and other demographic statistics.

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