How to prepare your cabinets for painting?

Preparing your cabinets

Clients should prepare for their cabinet painting by removing the items from the cupboards and built-ins as instructed by your estimator or project coordinator.

If required, a cleaning may also be necessary. Some clients may choose to remove handles and hinges themselves, although we frequently will do that task. Our goal is to make the painting of your cabinets and built-ins as quick and simple as possible. If you would like us to pick up any task to get ready for your project, we can accommodate any of your requests.

Process and timing

Cabinet Painting

Cabinet and built-in painting are a relatively simple process that involves a set procedure. Primer coats and paint coats on both sides of doors dictate that it will take several days to complete even the smallest projects.

Products used

In many cases, we require a Kilz or BIN primer for the cabinets or built-ins. These are quick-drying primers that off-gas very quickly and do have a strong odour. We do recommend that clients are not present for this time period. We will ensure that we get as much ventilation as possible to replace the air with fresh air into the home.

Care of your new finish

A client should treat painted surfaces with care for the first couple of weeks after completion. Drying and curing times for the paint products dictate that a client should not wash or clean the surfaces for at least 30 days after the finished project. Doing so can harm the finish and damage the paint surface. Once cured, you can wash and scrub the surface.

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