Painting Before You Move In

Buying a new-to-you-home: Paint before you move in!

Finding a new home is an exciting occasion. Making it your home by choosing to paint it is an important part of personalising it.

Painting before you move saves money and time

Painting prior to moving in will save you money. Painting before you move in saves 20 to 30% of your costs than to paint after you move in.

Fully furnished sale, empty home purchase

Rarely does a fully furnished home not need painting after sellers move out, even if they just painted for resale. Picture hangers, wall chips, scrapes, and wall damage will likely need to be fixed and painted. If you like the look, we can do a one coat repair and refresh that is less costly and brings your home to the standard you expect.

We cannot overstate the ability of new paint in a home. The transformation of a home with a simple coat of paint can make an old tired home look new, and a good home to look great.

We specialise in quick turnarounds

At Elite Trade Painting, we specialise in getting your new-to-you home painted with the most up to date colours that suit your tastes. Accommodating a client schedule and getting the job done on time is vital in the painting of your new to you home.

Getting the quote when you do not have possession

Our involvement can begin well before your closing, and, in many cases, we can help prior to the purchase decision with a budget price to aid in the number crunching and bargaining. Typically, we can provide a price based on the real estate information. In some cases, you may have a floor plan and additional info which helps us get a more accurate estimate for your use. Call us, and we can always provide a budget even if you only have the number of rooms.

Don’t have all the info for the quote?

In many cases, we are familiar with the neighbourhoods having worked extensively in many. We likely already know about the type of home you have and what it takes to get the job done right.

Once you have made your decision to buy, we will make ourselves available for your inspection to confirm the budget price we gave earlier. Once we firm up the price (90% of the time it is within 10%of our rough estimate), then we will schedule the project.

Timing for your project

Ideally, we will get in on the day of or day after closing and complete the painting (most homes take 3 to 4). Getting the project done before your move-in date is essential to a cost-effective and smooth transition to your new home.

Project completion and move in

Once we have finished the project, we will clean up and move all our gear from the site. After you have settled in, we can make a painter available to take care of any Knicks or bangs that might have occurred during the move-in.

Big Project Plans

If you have larger renovation plans, we can coordinate with your other contractors to get the project completed on time.

A general schedule for renovations is:

  1. Demolition of areas being renovated if required
  2. Plumbers and electricians 
  3. Carpentry
  4. Drywall and taping
  5. Painting 
  6. Flooring

Accommodating your Schedule

The above schedule can be augmented based on the availability of the trades; but, as a rule, it is best to follow this schedule as closely as possible. In many cases, there are only a few areas getting renovations beyond painting, and we will complete the painting in the other rooms as the work progresses on the reno projects.

New Kitchen Cabinets

If you are installing a new kitchen cabinet, it is a general practice to have us paint out the kitchen prior to the installation. Touch-ups occur once the cabinets are installed, this gives a much better finish around the cabinets.

We specialise in New-to-you home painting

We paint hundreds of new-to-you homes every year; it is one of our specialities. 

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