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As Chestermere continues to grow, businesses and new residents continue to flock to the area. This creates significant demand for existing properties, as well as for new construction.

At Elite Trade Painting, we serve the needs of the entire city, from new retailers setting up shop in the picturesque downtown area to new healthcare clinics and new housing construction.

We’re also happy to help rehabilitate existing properties with interior and exterior painting, siding painting, sign painting, and more.

Why Choose Elite Trade Painting?

We can think of many reasons to choose Elite Trade Painting:

We have a team of expert painting contractors

We use only the highest quality materials best suited to each application and situation. Our goal is to create a long-lasting solution to your needs.

Outstanding painting experience

We are committed to delivering an outstanding experience to every client, whether we’re painting the nursery for a new arrival or prepping a new building for an industrial client.

We’re locals

We’re locals, too. We work and play right alongside our customers in Chestermere.

Licensed and Insured

We are insured and carry workers’ compensation to ensure your peace of mind.

Our expert painting contractors have over 20 years of experience handling virtually every type of residential or commercial painting need in Chestermere and the wider Calgary metro area. They are courteous, friendly, and ready to help breathe life into your project.

The Needs We Serve

At Elite Trade Painting, we take a great deal of pride in our ability to create lasting relationships with our clients, as well as in the quality of the exterior and interior painting services we deliver.

Residential interior Painting

Residential exterior painting

Single-family homes

Multi-units complexes

Office spaces and retail

Industrial & commercial

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