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The Best Paint for Outdoor Wood Decks

If you are like most homeowners, you can’t wait until the foul weather is gone, and spring has arrived. It means spending more time outdoors at your home. Of course, this also means that you will need to get all of those outdoor areas around the house ready for spring and summer. One of the […]

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10 Tips to Paint a Room without Making a Mess

Some people just assume that painting is a messy job. It can be, but it certainly doesn’t have to become a nightmare of a project. A little planning and preparation can go a long way in helping cut down on the mess that is created by interior painting. You can save a lot on professional […]

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Tips for Painting Your Commercial Property

At a basic level, commercial and residential painting are essentially the same thing. The biggest variation is the type of building being painted. Of course, there may also be different paints and materials used in commercial work because they require a higher quality or better ability to withstand certain conditions or elements. At the end […]

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Interior Office Colors that Will Boost Employee Productivity

In the same way that paint colors can affect the mood of your home, they can also affect the mood of your workplace. Studies have recently shown that white, beige, and gray offices are more likely to induce sadness and feelings of depression in women, as well as some men. Most men experienced these types […]

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8 Signs It’s Time to Repaint the Exterior of Your House

Routine maintenance and care of your home are critical to keeping it in its best condition and making sure that it holds its value. There are a lot of factors that can affect the value of your home, but having a fresh, well-maintained paint job can make a huge impression and have a big impact […]

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Best Paint Color for Dark Rooms

No matter how much natural light streams into your home, it never fails that every home has that one space that is just too dark and doesn’t get the light that it should. Many people assume that the best solution is to paint the space a bright white to open it up, but that could […]

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How to Prepare Your House for Painting?

When it comes time to paint your house, the right preparation can go a long way. With this guide, you’ll learn everything that you need to know about getting your house ready for the big day. A little bit of extra work can easily double the lifespan of your next paint job, so be sure […]

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10 Interior Painting Color Trends for 2020

There are a number of different ways to breathe new life into a home. You can upgrade floors, bathrooms, kitchens, or any other number of spaces and features. Of course, many of the best upgrades are expensive and time consuming, so they aren’t an option for just anyone. If you’re looking for an affordable way […]

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10 Exterior Painting Color Trends for 2020

If you’re considering an upgrade to the exterior of your home, a new paint job is a great place to start. There’s no need to replace all the siding or choose an entirely new exterior surface for your home when the one that you have is in good shape. A simple coat of paint can […]

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Choosing the Right Paint Brush

Painting is one of those tasks that seems simple enough, until you delve into the process and realize that it’s going to be a little more complicated than you originally anticipated. There isn’t a lot of effort involved in the actual process of painting, but getting the right tools for the job can definitely make […]

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