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6 Mistakes Homeowners Make When Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Ready to step into the 21st century with your kitchen design? If so, painting your cabinets is a great first step. Painted cabinets are more durable, resist staining and warping, and look amazing. They can also allow you to tie into any aesthetic you might want, rather than limiting you with the look of natural […]

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How to Paint Stucco: A Guide for Homeowners

Stucco is an affordable siding option when compared with other materials, can last for a long time, and adds visual appeal to your home. However, it can present some challenges to homeowners looking to repaint the exterior of their home. When it is applied, stucco is usually mixed with a tinting material to achieve the […]

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Painting Tips to Make a Small Bathroom Room Feel Larger

While your bathroom might not see the same amount of use as your kitchen, it’s still an important room in the home. Whether we’re talking about a master bath or a second bathroom, a small room can feel cramped and claustrophobic. The good news is that you don’t need to do anything as drastic as […]

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How Painting Can Improve Your Kitchen Cabinets

Tired of your existing wood cabinets? Whether they’re beginning to show their age, or they’re just outdated, those cabinets are not just eyesores. They can affect the look and feel of your kitchen and even make you spend less time there. There’s good news – you don’t need to completely gut your cabinets to reinvigorate […]

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Popular Bathroom Paint Colours to Consider

Remodelling your bathroom? Perhaps you’re just looking for a way to make that space better reflect your sense of aesthetics. Whether you recently purchased the home or you’ve lived there for years and want a refresh, painting a bathroom is a great option. This is particularly true today with a wider range of colours and […]

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