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Pylon Signs & Storefront Signs

Signage is critical for your business. It tells potential customers where you are located and helps build both brand recognition and market share.

The right sign is visible day and night, ties into your brand image, and looks great at the same time.

Business signs also come in a wide range of styles and types. Storefront signs are usually mounted to the front of your premises, while pylon signs are installed near roadways to ensure visibility to passing motorists.

Both types of signs deliver the same benefits, and they both require the expertise of professional painting.

How does painting play a role in pylon signs and storefront signs?

Metal Components

Most signs are made from a combination of different materials and are, in fact, cabinets.Usually, they will have a front and back made from translucent plastic – this is where your store’s name and/or logo will appear.

The sides are made from metal – aluminium is usually chosen for its low weight and high resistance to exposure. Inside, you’ll find structural supports (also made from aluminium), as well as lights and wiring to help illuminate your sign.

While aluminium is strong and light, and will never rust or corrode, the paint covering the metal will eventually deteriorate.

The same thing applies to the pylon (pole) supporting roadside signs. Pylons are usually constructed of steel for better durability, but unlike aluminium, unprotected steel will corrode over time.

The Effects of Weathering

The challenge for both pylon signs and storefront signs is exposure to the elements.

Paint provides protection for steel pylons, preventing rust from forming and degrading the pole’s structural integrity.

Paint on the aluminium sign frame helps prevent oxidation and also provides better definition for the sign while tying it into your brand.

Over time and through exposure, that paint will wear, fade, and eventually chip and peel.

How Elite Trade Painting Can Help

  • At Elite Trade Painting, we have over 20 years of experiencing working with businesses large and small to ensure long-lasting, visually appealing signage.
  • We offer painting of new and existing pylon signs and storefront signs.
  • We use only the highest quality paints to resist UV-related fading, and to deliver the longest lifespan possible, while also guaranteeing your signs look great from all angles.

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