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Multi-Unit Complexes

From condos to apartment complexes, from new builds to historic buildings, multi-family complexes can be found in a wide range of types, styles, conditions, and locations.

However, despite all those differences, they all share a few things in common, including the need for painting.

At Elite Trade Painting, we have years of experience handling everything from repaints of properties to painting new construction.

Why Multi-Unit Complexes Must Be Painted?

Paint provides vital protection for underlying surfaces, but it also offers improvements to aesthetics. When it comes to multi-unit complexes, both interior and exterior painting are required.

Even buildings with brick facades may require some exterior painting to protect critical elements – trim work and second-story siding must be painted to ensure visual appeal and protection from the elements.

Interior painting is even more important and is required much more frequently.

During construction, all the units within a property will need to be painted prior to putting them on the market. When a tenant moves out, the unit will usually need to be painted prior to a new one moving in.

Emergency repainting may be necessary in the case of damage to interior walls from an accident, as well.

The Challenge with Orchestrating Multi-Unit Complex Painting

While multi-unit complexes require professional painting, completing these projects can be quite challenging.

During new construction, paint professionals must be able to paint all the units while you juggle scheduling other services – electricians, plumbers, flooring, and roofing, etc. However, once the property is open, it becomes yet more challenging.

You will need to schedule painting so that it does not interfere with the lives of other tenants or showing available units.

At Elite Trade Painting, our years of experience and industry-leading training ensure that we’re able to get the job done right while minimising disruption to the lives of your tenants or your ability to show available units to prospective residents.

Elite Trade Painting Can Help

At Elite Trade Painting, we offer the experience and expertise you need for peace of mind.

We deliver quality work, on time, and on budget. Whether you’re in the middle of constructing a new condo property or need to have a couple of apartments repainted after tenant move out, we can help.

We are proud to offer apartment complex painting, mixed use painting, duplex painting, condo painting, and HOA painting to suit your needs and budget.

It all begins with a free estimate and a professional inspection of your property. Call us today at 877-663-5483 to schedule your free estimate!

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