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Although the following items are usually the responsibility of the client, if any customer requires special consideration or assistance, our ETP manager and staff will be happy to oblige. You must simply inform your manager of your expectations during the estimate process.



For Exteriors


  • Removal of all deck furniture and other items that are in close proximity to the house.
  • Closing all windows prior to the power washing of the house.
  • Opening of all windows just after painting to ensure they are not painted shut.
  • Inform immediate neighbours of painting work being done and, where necessary, gain permission to use neighbouring properties in order to facilitate access to various areas on the project.
  • The client will also be responsible for the final inspection with the manager and their staff on the day of completion. This will be done after the manager and staff have completed their initial inspection and rectified any deficiencies they have found.
  • All garbage will be bagged by the crew and the client will be responsible for placing garbage for curb collection. (Note: All cans of paint will be empty and all items within the bags will meet collection standards).
  • Remove vehicle(s) from driveway.
  • Dogs should be kept indoors.
  • Small children should be kept away from work areas.



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