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We get the job done right the first time, whether you have office space to paint, a retail location to finish, or a warehouse to get in operation.

At Elite Trade Painting, commercial painting projects stand at the core of what we do. Our definition of success requires efficient, professional, timely completion of commercial painting projects and satisfied, loyal customers. We’ve worked with clients in the Annapolis Valley area of Nova Scotia for over 20 years to complete commercial and industrial painting projects large and small. Our goals are always to exceed your expectations while minimising disruptions to your employees, clients, and business operations.

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Proud to be professional commercial painters

We’re proud of our 20-plus-year history of successful commercial painting projects in and around Annapolis Valley. However, we’re also very safety conscious. We strive to use the highest-quality, safest stains, primers, and paints to deliver long-lasting performance and protection for mission-critical surfaces within your business. We also maintain full worker’s compensation insurance, as well as liability coverage.

Why painting is critical for your business

For many business owners, paint is just a cosmetic consideration. However, the truth is that it is crucial for your business. It provides vital protection for mission-critical elements, plays a role in creating your customers’ first impression of your company, and so much more. It’s about more than just giving your business a refresh – commercial painting in the Annapolis Valley, NS, is essential to your success.

First Impressions

A customer or client’s first impression of your business is crucial. A dilapidated, faded exterior or a dull, dingy interior sends your prospects the wrong message.

Efficiency and Performance

Dull, drab, peeling interior walls do more than just look bad. They reduce employee performance and efficiency, driving up your operating costs while reducing your ability to compete.

Protection and Durability

Left exposed to the elements, most construction materials will degrade very quickly. Wood warps and rots if left unstained. Metal rusts and corrodes. Commercial painting protects your physical assets and ensures they stand the test of time.

Grab Attention

A high-quality commercial paint job can do amazing things for your property’s visibility, aesthetics, and foot/customer traffic flow.

Dwell Time

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find a way to keep customers in your store longer? The right commercial paint job can encourage them to stay with you.

Elite Trade Painting’s mission is to make your business stand out for all the right reasons. Whether you’re interested in creating an energising environment for employees, grabbing the attention of passers-by, or just protecting your facility and equipment, we can help. Get your free quote today.

Professional commercial painting without the hassle

Concerned that a commercial painting project will cause interruptions to your business and your clients? We understand. At Elite Trade Painting, we work around your schedule to ensure that you get the highest-quality paint job possible without the hassle and frustration. We work with you to minimise disruptions in a range of ways, including:

Working around your business hours

Working on most holidays when your business is closed

Working over weekends

Flexible scheduling that can accommodate almost any needs

Isn’t it time to revive your business? Your partners at Elite Trade Painting can provide hassle-free interior and exterior commercial painting on your schedule. Schedule your free consultation now.

Now’s the time

We’ve worked with commercial and industrial clients in and around the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia for over two decades. We have the experience, expertise, and knowledge necessary to provide your business with the rejuvenation it needs. We’re also happy to provide expert advice and guidance when it comes to painting types, other coatings, colour choices, and so much more.

Our goal is to help you make an informed decision and then rejuvenate your commercial or industrial property. We look forward to working with you – contact us today for more information or go ahead and schedule your free consultation!

Elite Commercial Painting Services

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Office Painting

Elite Trade Painting understands the needs of a working office environment and what it takes to get your office painted with minimum disruption.

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Commercial Exterior Painting

Staining and painting brick and masonry is a great way to create a modern look from older brick.

More Details

Renovations, New Builds, and Fitups

Building something new? We can finish that! We paint new construction, offices, store fit-ups, new warehouses and more, completing your project professionally and on time.

More Details

Apartment and Condo Painting

Need an apartment or condo painted fast? We service property management companies, condo owners and landlords who need painting done on a tight deadline. We will start the project and complete the project to meet your requirements.

More Details

Warehouse Painting

We paint warehouse ceilings, walls, floors, doors, and safety markings. Our commercial painting services will provide you with the expertise that will have your warehouse looking good.

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Parkade Painting

Our commercial clients know that looking great is simply good business. Maintaining and brightening up a parkade is important for safety and appearances for tenants and clients.

Painting and Staining of Brick and Masonry

Staining and painting brick and masonry has been done for many years. It is a great way to rejuvenate these surfaces and has excellent longevity. Staining and painting of brick and masonry is suitable for commercial jobs especially brick fireplaces or brick facades.

More Details

Epoxy Painting

We complete thousands of square feet of epoxy floors every year! Coating areas with epoxy products provide a high level of durability and is commonly used on concrete and steel structures.

More Details

Multi Units Painting

Elite Trade Painting services both interior and exterior painting for new builds, repaint and maintenance of large multi unit projects, multi tenant and condo buildings.

More Details

Store Fronts Painting

Store front painting and pedestal signs are vital to a business. The inviting and attractive appearance of a well-maintained store front and street signs will enhance any business.

More Details

Vinyl Wallcoverings

Elite Trade Painting can install vinyl for all of your commercial vinyl projects. Commercial wallcoverings are used to add design, colour, and wearability to surfaces.

More Details

Hotel Industry Painting

Elite Trade Painting services hotel renovations, hotel construction and the day to day paint maintenance that hotels require to maintain their appearance.

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Painting of Daycare and Schools

Painting of daycares and schools are time-sensitive projects that require paints that allow high usage as well as a safe environment for children. Elite understands the needs of daycares and schools.

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