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Commercial Vinyl Wall Coverings

Commercial Vinyl Wallcoverings

Vinyl wallcoverings are mostly used in commercial facilities such as office buildings, hotels/motels, schools, government buildings, churches, healthcare facilities, retail establishments, restaurants, bars and casinos although it can be used in commercial applications if desired.

Types and Sizes of Wallcoverings

Vinyl wallcovering are generally 54” wide although they are also available in 27” and 35” widths. Vinyl wallcovering comes in large rolls (30 – 50 yards long). In general, vinyl wallcoverings are not self adhesive and require adhesive to be applied for installation. There are some vinyl wallcoverings that are self-adhesive.

Surfaces Where Vinyl Wallcoverings Can Be Applied

Vinyl can be applied to almost any substrate providing the surface is smooth, dry, primed, and clear of dust and dirt. The most common surfaces where vinyl is applied are plaster/gypsum drywall although wood, tile, brick, cement block and some metal surfaces can also be covered. For each of these substrates, the proper adhesive and surface preparation is required. Vinyl wallcoverings can also be applied over vinyl wallcoverings.

Professional Installation of Vinyl Wallcoverings

Special care must be taken when installing vinyl wallcoverings. The recurring issues with vinyl installation are pattern mismatching, seam exposure, and shading.

Why Vinyl for Commercial Applications

Commercial Vinyl Types

The industry rates the types of vinyl into three categories:

Light Duty

This is designed for areas with minimal wear and abrasion, typically used in hotel guestrooms, offices and bathrooms.

Medium Duty

Used in areas that receive significant traffic and abrasion such as corridors, classrooms, lounges and entrances.

Heavy Duty

The majority of vinyl wallcoverings will provide enough protection in most commercial environments. However, heavy-duty vinyl provides extra protection in areas more susceptible to regular abrasion from traffic, items or equipment.

Weight of the Vinyl, Installation, Blade Changes Etc.

The weight of the vinyl determines many factors in vinyl installation including the type of vinyl, ease of application and blade changes. Typical weights of vinyl wall coverings are 8oz, 13-15oz and 21oz. The weight is obvious by feeling the vinyl thickness but is also available in the specification sheet that comes with the vinyl roll.

Vinyl Quantity Measurement

The calculation for vinyl wallcovering quantities begins with measuring the areas where vinyl is being installed. This is done by calculating the square footage of the area much the same as you would for painting. Vinyl is measured in lineal feet and must be converted in order to get the quantity needed.

Conversion Formulas:

Convert Square Feet to Linear Yards

Divide total square footage by 13.5 = number of yards in 54” wide goods. (Divide by 12 to include waste or 9 for patterns with large repeats.)

Convert Square Yards to Linear Yards

Multiple square yard quantity by 9, then divide the result by 13.5. (Divide by 12 to include waste or 9 for patterns with large repeats.)

Vinyl Patterns

Vinyl Patterns

Many vinyl patterns today have a simple texture or a solid surface that does not require any particular matching from sheet to sheet. In some cases, there are repeats in the pattern which must be matched in order for the vinyl to look the way it is meant to appear. 

Understanding the nature of your wallcovering’s pattern is important because it affects the number of rolls you buy and the way you install it.

The majority of our commercial clients will supply the vinyl wall coverings we install for their projects. These are sourced directly from the manufacturer or a local manufacturer representative.
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Vinyl installation of any area before occupancy makes the job quicker and easier, which means cost savings for our clients. We install vinyl for many clients prior to occupancy, and we can provide quotes by using architectural plans and attending site inspections.
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Getting ready for vinyl installation is a lot like getting ready for painting. We make the process easy; but, there are certain preparation tasks that we prefer our clients to do. Moving small items, decorative pieces, and personal items help make the job smoother. Our estimators can provide a plan to suit your specific needs.
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A period of 24 to 48 hours should be given prior to any heavy usage after installation.
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Vinyl will usually outlast paint by a three to one ratio. The main issue with most vinyl is that style trends will change prior to the expiry of the product itself.
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