When is the Best Time of Year for Interior Painting in Calgary? Summer vs. Winter

When is the Best Time of Year for Interior Painting in Calgary? Summer vs. Winter

Many people debate on the best time to paint in the home, but there are a lot of variables involved in getting to the actual right answer.

Of course, it’s natural when the cold finally breaks, and spring starts peeking in that people want to jump into action and start updating their home, particularly when the winters are as long and cold as they are in Calgary.

Painting is one of their first thoughts, but they might not realize that they just missed the best window for interior painting. That’s right – winter is the better time to paint the interior of your home when choosing between the seasons.

Summer does afford nicer weather outdoors, but that means that painting contractors in Calgary are just hitting their busy exterior painting season. Because painters can only work inside during the winter, that means winter is the best time to hire a painting contractor to paint the interior of your home.

Summer will still afford plenty of options to get the job done, but it will also potentially be more expensive and take longer to complete because companies are busier and will also have to take other factors into account. Keep reading to learn all about the best time to paint the interior of your house, and why it’s better to wait until winter.

Benefits of Hiring Painting Contractors During Winter

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There are several different arguments for the best time to paint, but if you choose the winter months, you will find no shortage of benefits.

Cheaper Rates

One of the biggest selling points about hiring during the winter months is that there is a much lower demand for interior painting services.

The weather often keeps people from wanting to do home improvement projects, so painting companies are more readily available.

Therefore, they will be able to charge lower rates than what they normally do in peak seasons like summer, when most painters are booked around the clock for months on end. They will also be able to get around to scheduling and completing your project quicker.

No Fumes Anymore

A lot of people used to balk at the idea of painting during winter because they couldn’t open up the house and allow for better ventilation.

However, with today’s premium paints contain NO VOCs as a result there are no longer any environmental issues with painting inside.

Even on the coldest days, you can paint inside of a heated home when you choose the right people for the job like the experienced team at Elite Trade Painting – Calgary.

Pros know how to get it done safely, no matter what season it might be.

More Availability

When painting contractors are booked solid, it’s going to be hard to get dedicated time and attention.

Even the best companies can get distracted during busy months, and that can make it hard to schedule your job or feel like you’re getting the time that you deserve.

When you book during the winter, you’ll be enjoying the painters’ slower pace and get the time, attention, and selection of available time slots that you desire.

Enjoy Your Summer

Yes, summer in Calgary is a great time to get projects started. However, it’s also a great time to get out and explore the region and all that it has to offer (we heartily recommend checking out a hike in Banff or Canmore. Tunnel Mountain on the Banff townsite is a particular favourite.)

The last thing you want is to be stuck at home micromanaging home improvement projects.

If your painters did the work in January, you’re free to enjoy all that summer has to offer without sacrifice.

Is It Okay to Paint Inside on Rainy and Snowy Days?

While moisture can prevent paint from curing and drying properly, it isn’t the end of the world to paint in damper weather.

Plus, the dry air in Calgary, particularly in the wintertime, will work in your advantage.

Having the right temperature and conditions does play a role, but most professionals can create an ideal environment for optimal results, which is why you need to hire the best painting contractor for the job.

The Painting Process

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To help you better understand why painting inside during the winter months is okay, as well as why it’s the best choice, let’s explore the interior painting process. A closer look will allow you to see the benefits of choosing this season, as well as to know what to expect from your own painting jobs.

The first step is prep. This is where all furniture, window treatments, wall hangings, and other elements need to be removed from the space. This is usually done by the homeowner in advance but can be done by the painters for a small fee. Then, anything not being painted will be covered and taped off to ensure that the paint only goes where it should. The walls will be checked for cracks, holes, and other imperfections, which will be repaired before painting.

We’ll also check windows, doors, and baseboards for cracks, reapplying caulk, and filling holes, as necessary. Then, all the surfaces are wiped down to ensure they are clean and ready for painting. If sanding and wall repair are needed, that is the next step. Otherwise, the painting will begin. Ceilings are completed first, next is all the trim is painted then the walls are cut in then rolled, most times each area is coated twice. Once the painting is complete, the cleanup will be performed and then the job will be thoroughly inspected both by the painters and the homeowner to ensure everything looks as it should.

The more work that you do on your own in the prep area, the more you can save on painting, even in the winter months. Of course, some people might like the idea of using their savings to splurge and let the painters move everything except for the curtains and small items which are generally a necessary client responsibility, too. Either way, you’ve got options.

The Bottom Line: It’s Never a Bad Time to Paint

When you work with professionals, you can start interior painting projects whenever the mood strikes. The experts know how to create ideal painting conditions in any weather, so why not take advantage of the perks of painting in the winter?

Save some money, get better scheduling, and get more time to enjoy your summer.

If you’re ready to book your winter painting job or you’re just looking to learn more about our services, contact Elite Trade Painting today.

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