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Moncton Epoxy Coatings and Floor Coverings

Epoxy floor coatings are becoming more and more common as business owners and even homeowners realise the durability and resistance offered. For Moncton area customers, Elite Trade Painting is happy to offer professional epoxy coating installation and customisation.

What Are Epoxy Coatings?

Epoxy floor coverings begin as two separate products. The first is a resin – this is what will form most of the floor. The second is a hardener, also called a catalyst. When the catalyst is mixed with the resin, it begins to harden and will eventually cure and become completely impermeable.

What Are the Benefits of Epoxy Coatings?

You will find a wide range of benefits associated with epoxy coatings and floor coverings. One of those – an impermeable surface – makes this type of flooring ideal for environments like hospitals and medical facilities. However, we’ve also installed epoxy flooring in many other facilities, including retail operations, warehouses, restaurants, mechanic shops, and even in residential garages.

What Is the Epoxy Coating Process Like?

Before we can apply epoxy coatings, we first need to ensure that the floor is completely clean and free of all contaminants. We use a combination of power washing equipment and degreasing/cleaning chemicals to do that. In some cases, additional cleaning and preparation steps are required. For instance, if the floor was previously painted, all the old paint must be removed before the epoxy can be applied. We will use shot blasting and grinding to achieve this. After thoroughly cleaning the area, we allow it to completely dry. Finally, we apply the epoxy.

Timing Your Installation

Moncton area businesses interested in the benefits of epoxy flooring may be curious about the impact to their business in terms of downtime. While we do our best to minimise any impact to productivity and operation, epoxy coatings do require time to cure without any foot traffic. It can take several days for a coated area to cure to the point that it can withstand any traffic. Not allowing time to cure will result in the epoxy failing.

Because of the need for curing time, we work with you to find the best possible schedule. We are happy to work during your normal business hours, but we can also offer evening, weekend, and holiday work to further minimise disruptions to your business.

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