Aluminium Siding Painting Services

aluminium siding painting

Our Truro and New Glasgow, Nova Scotia aluminium siding painting services are designed to meet your needs.

Our experts will carefully prepare the entire area of siding to be painted, while also protecting your home before they start the job. You’ll know exactly what the scope and size of the job is, and they’ll work closely with you to ensure everyone is on the same page throughout the entire job. Once complete, they’ll walk you through the work and get your approval. Then, they’ll clean everything up, and you’ll be left with a refreshed, clean residential exterior.

We’re always here to help you by making your residential exterior painting dreams come true. Contact us today and set up an appointment for a free estimate so that we can work together to enhance the exterior beauty of your residence. Our residential services are designed to meet your needs and get the job done right.

When painting the exterior of your home, we’ll follow this step-by-step process:


Our exterior residential services begin with us offering you a fair, honest estimate, so that you can find out the exact costs with no hidden fees or surprises. We’ll then lay out the size and scope of the project to ensure everyone is on the same page and your needs are met.

Paint Selection

Our managers are color and paint connoisseurs. We know that one of the most important aspects of the job is starting with high-quality paint. We’ll sit down with you and go through various paint finishes and discuss the type of hues you are looking for to elevate the exterior of your home.


Our teams of experts will ensure that the exterior of your home is thoroughly prepared for painting. This includes cleaning and power washing if necessary, as well as protecting areas around the house.

The Painting Process

Once we’ve begun the painting process, we’ll strive to complete the job in an efficient manner. Our goal is to get the job done to the best of our ability, while also being as minimally invasive to your life as possible. Our teams of painters are highly skilled, and are ready to serve you.

Every single day, we’ll clean up and ensure that all supplies are safely and completely stored away.

Final Inspection and Walk-Through

Once the job is done, we’ll walk through the entire area with you. You will be able to give us any feedback and see everything that has been done.

No matter what type of siding you have or how large the area is to be painted, our highly trained and skilled painting professionals can enhance the exterior beauty of these areas to fit your needs.


From start to finish we create value while treating your home or business with respect and professionalism.


It begins with a quote request. Then a follow up call to go over the project and arrange a site visit. We will create a custom detail quote(s) for the work from our onsite review.


Once you review the quote(s) you can proceed to book the quote by calling your estimator or their office, sending an email, text or accepting it through our quote system.


In the booking process, we will confirm options for start dates. There is a discussion and plan created for colours. Once confirmed a team is then scheduled for your project.


When our team arrives onsite preparation and painting will commence. Completing the project in a timely and efficient manner ensuring the high standards for Elite projects.


Upon inspection and completion, we will clean the site removing all gear/equipment. We will then protect your project with our 2yr guarantee. An invoice is provided for review.

Have Questions?


Contact us today. One of our painting professionals would be happy to help!

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