Power Washing in Truro

power washing

At Elite Trade Painting, we specialise in painting and staining for Truro area businesses and residences. However, power washing is one of the most commonly provided services, and is a critical part of most exterior projects in the area.

Power washing ensures that surfaces are clean and properly prepared for the painting and staining process. The exterior of your Truro home or business collects dirt, dust, debris, pollen, and even mould and mildew over time. These contaminants cannot be painted over. Power washing rinses them completely away, ensuring a smooth, pristine surface.

How Does Power Washing Work?

For our Truro clients, power washing begins with an application of an environmentally-friendly cleaning chemical. This is designed to break up built-up grime and dirt, and to begin dissolving mould and stains. The chemical must set for a specific amount of time, and then we use modern power washing equipment to wash it and all the dirt and debris away.

Note that we don’t use power washing equipment to strip paint from wood surfaces. The pressure created is so high that it would result in damage to the wood. We will only use high-pressure water on metal and some concrete surfaces.

When Is Power Washing Necessary?

Power washing is needed primarily with exterior painting and staining. However, there are instances where it may be necessary for interior projects in environments like warehouses or automotive repair shops. In these situations, interior drainage must be present, and the interior surfaces must be inspected to ensure they are able to withstand the pressure of power washing.

When Does Elite Trade Painting Power Wash?

We power wash before most exterior projects, but the exact time will vary. In general, we try to power wash about a week prior to beginning the project to ensure enough time to dry. However, if the humidity is low and the water will dry completely, we can sometimes power wash as little as 24 hours prior to beginning the project.

Is Power Washing Always Necessary?

We power wash for most Truro area clients, but it is not always necessary. Smaller projects may only require spot cleaning or hand washing prior to paint or stain being applied.

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