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Epoxy Coatings in Burlington

Looking for a durable flooring solution for your business or commercial space that offers significant resistance to chemicals, foot and vehicle traffic, and more? Epoxy coatings can deliver just that. We offer Burlington area businesses, industrial facilities, and even residential customers the benefits that epoxy floors can deliver.

What Is Epoxy Floor Painting All About?

Epoxy coatings are created with two components. The first is resin. This forms the bulk of the flooring. A catalyst, or hardener, is added to the resin in order to create a hard, durable surface that stands the test of time.

Epoxy flooring is completely impermeable, making it a great choice for use in a wide range of situations, from warehouses where high foot and vehicle traffic might wear through flooring rapidly to hospitals and medical facilities to manufacturing plants where caustic chemicals can cause problems. We even have Burlington residential customers who use epoxy in their home workshops and garages.

How Are Epoxy Coatings Applied?

The first step in applying epoxy coatings is to thoroughly clean and prepare your floor. We use a chemical cleaning agent coupled with high-power pressure washing equipment to remove dirt, debris, grease, stains, old paint, and more. In some cases, we may need to grind the floor or even use shot blasting to ensure it is full prepared. Note that the cleaning and preparation process creates very strong odours, so ventilation units and respirators are necessary.

Does Old Paint Need to Be Removed?

It is not possible to install epoxy coatings over an existing coating of paint. The old coat of paint will need to be removed before the epoxy can be applied. We use grinding and/or shot blasting to ensure that all the old paint is completely removed.

Scheduling Epoxy Coatings with Your Burlington Business

We work with you to ensure the best possible installation schedule with minimal downtime for your business. We are happy to work during your normal business hours, but we can also work in the evenings, on weekends, and over holidays if that suits your needs better. Note that foot and vehicle traffic will need to be avoided while the floor cures, and that vehicle traffic will need to be minimised or avoided completely until the full cure time has elapsed.

Get the Durable Floor You Need

Interested in the resistance, durability, and aesthetics that epoxy flooring can offer your Burlington area business? Call us at Elite Trade Painting today.

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