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The team of house painters at Elite Trade Painting boasts over twenty years of professional painting experience in the Burlington area. Our experts have tackled everything from major industrial and commercial spaces to the intricate details required for interior painting projects in houses and condos across the region.

Interior residential painting can be a daunting task to take on yourself, consuming time, finances, and resources that you may want to spend elsewhere. An easy solution to this would be to hire the professional house painters at Elite Trade Painting to tackle the job for you. Our team will work with you start to finish to ensure the utmost satisfaction upon completion of your interior painting project.

What are the first steps in working with Elite Trade Painting?

If you have decided to go through with an interior house painting project, our experts at Elite Trade Painting are here to help. We recognize that every home is different and pride ourselves on the experience we have in order to be flexible to meet all of your specific needs.

The early stages of planning an interior painting project with our house painters are to look at some of our past work and references. From there, our professional staff will help you choose the right type and style of paint for the project you have in mind and can even offer color scheme tips if you don’t fancy yourself much of an interior designer.

Next, we will provide a quote so there are no unforeseen surprise expenses upon completion of your project and begin building a schedule and itinerary so you know when to expect the project to be complete.

With all of these details settled, we can then move on to the project itself, which may include:

Caulking trim, railings, and borders

Smoothing over nicks and scratches in your walls

Scraping away flaking and peeling paint

Sanding rough patches

Finally, painting the surface/s to meet your exact specifications

While painting the interior of your home may seem like a simple task with a solely aesthetic purpose, it is so much more than that. Paint protects your walls and fresh coats are especially important in highly trafficked areas.

Hallways and living room walls often see a lot of usage and compile the accompanying nicks and scratches, cooking grime builds up in kitchens, and bathrooms provide the perfect recipe for moisture build-up. Allow our experts to take a look at your home, address any areas of concern, and give your walls and/or ceilings a facelift.

At Elite Trade Painting we pride ourselves on creating the perfect balance between affordability, timeliness, and providing a final product that we can all be proud of. Our goal is complete satisfaction of our customers.

As a valued customer your testimonial will be highly appreciated and serves as a testament to our unrivaled quality and reliable service delivery. We are constantly improving our services to meet the dynamic demands of our customers, so give us a call today to discuss any and all of your interior house painting project ideas!


From start to finish we create value while treating your home or business with respect and professionalism.


It begins with a quote request. Then a follow up call to go over the project and arrange a site visit. We will create a custom detail quote(s) for the work from our onsite review.


Once you review the quote(s) you can proceed to book the quote by calling your estimator or their office, sending an email, text or accepting it through our quote system.


In the booking process, we will confirm options for start dates. There is a discussion and plan created for colours. Once confirmed a team is then scheduled for your project.


When our team arrives onsite preparation and painting will commence. Completing the project in a timely and efficient manner ensuring the high standards for Elite projects.


Upon inspection and completion, we will clean the site removing all gear/equipment. We will then protect your project with our 2yr guarantee. An invoice is provided for review.

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