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Langley Deck Staining Services

We understand just how much you love your deck. It’s where you go for family cookouts, birthday parties, and those long summer nights filled with fireflies and laughter. We want to ensure that your deck lasts as long as possible so you can make even more amazing memories. The key to that is deck staining for Langley homeowners.

The Help You Need Choosing Products

There are quite a few stain products on the market today and choosing the right option for your needs can be confusing. We help take the challenge out of the situation. One of our expert Langley deck staining professionals can walk you through the differences between solid stain and semi-transparent stain and determine which will be the right one for your deck.

We realise there are painting products available, but these are not our preferred options. They hide the wood completely, and in many cases, they may peel up over time. They also require significant time and effort to remove when it is time to repaint.

Deck Staining Preparation

Before we begin staining, we prepare your deck completely. This involves both power washing and handwashing the wood to remove stains, mould, mildew, dirt, and debris. We also sand and caulk the deck. Note that all of our stains are self-priming, so there is no need to apply a separate primer during the preparation process.

The Stain Application Process

Once your deck is completely clean and has had time to dry, we begin applying the stain. Most stains will require two coats, and we use modern sprayers, brushes, and rollers to apply them. With semi-transparent stain, brushes are required to apply the final finish in order to achieve the desired look.

How to Maintain Your Deck’s Appearance

Once your deck has been stained, it will be beautiful and protected for years to come. However, some maintenance is necessary in order to maintain that protection and beauty. We recommend re-coating the floor, stairs, and other high-traffic, high-exposure areas every year or two. Uprights, such as posts and rails, should be re-coated every three to five years.

Call the Langley Deck Staining Experts

Your deck deserves the protection only expert services can provide. Call Elite Trade Painting today to learn more about your options and to get a free estimate on staining your deck.

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