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Langley Power Washing Services

At Elite Trade Painting, we’re proud of the results we’ve been able to create for our customers in and around Langley. From painting to deck staining, we deliver professional services and solutions to fit the needs of area homeowners and business owners. At the crux of most of those is our power washing service.

What Is Power Washing and Why Is It Needed?

Before paint or stain can be applied, any surface must be free of contaminants, including dust, mildew, mould, dirt, and other debris. While spot washing can be done in some instances, many cases require something a bit stronger. Our power washing services remove dirt, debris, and other contaminant build-up quickly and efficiently, ensuring the cleanest possible surface.

What Types of Materials Can Be Power Washed?

We offer power washing services for many customers in the Langley area. However, not all surfaces are ideal for this solution. In general, we only power wash metal and some types of concrete. Wood surfaces may be power washed in some cases, but not for paint or stain removal. The pressure of the water is sufficient to cause serious damage to wood surfaces.

How Does the Power Washing Process Work?

Our power washing service is a two-step process. First, we apply an environmentally-friendly cleaning chemical. This will loosen the built-up dirt and grime on your home or business’s exterior. Once it has set for a specific period of time, we use modern power washing equipment to rinse the chemical away, along with all the mould, dirt, grime, pollen, and other contaminants.

After we have thoroughly power washed your home or business, we must allow it to dry. Depending on the climate and ambient temperature, this may require a single day, or it may require several days. Only once the exterior surface is completely dry can we proceed with painting or staining.

Standalone Power Washing

At Elite Trade Painting, we do offer standalone power washing for Langley customers who want to clean their home or business but do not need repainting or staining.

Interior Power Washing Services

While residential interior painting and office painting clients will not require interior power washing, this service may be necessary for warehouses, automotive shops, residential workshops, and similar environments, and we can offer power washing in conjunction with interior painting, or with epoxy floor coverings.

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