6 Mistakes Homeowners Make When Painting Kitchen Cabinets

6 Mistakes Homeowners Make When Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Ready to step into the 21st century with your kitchen design? If so, painting your cabinets is a great first step. Painted cabinets are more durable, resist staining and warping, and look amazing. They can also allow you to tie into any aesthetic you might want, rather than limiting you with the look of natural wood.

However, painting your kitchen cabinets can be tricky, and there are some common mistakes that could derail your project or leave you with lacklustre results. Here are some of the most common mistakes homeowners make when painting their own kitchen cabinets.

1. Painting without Disassembling the Cabinets

One of the most common mistakes that homeowners make here is trying to paint their cabinets without disassembling them first. You don’t need to take them off the wall, but you do need to at least take off the doors, hinges, handles, and other hardware. This will allow you to get the evenest coat and help you avoid getting paint where you don’t want it.

2. Not Organising The Cabinet Components

Another mistake when painting kitchen cabinets is not having enough organisation from the beginning. You should start with a diagram of your entire kitchen cabinet assembly, with each component numbered. Then, as you disassemble them, keep all the components organised so you can put them back in the correct area.

3. Forgetting to Clean First

Paint should never be applied over dirt, dust, grime, grease, or other contaminants. And, make no mistake, your cabinets are very likely dirty. Even those not located around the stove probably have dirt and dust on them. Cabinets located near the stove likely have at least some grease or food debris. Make sure to completely clean your cabinets before you begin painting. It’s actually easier to do this after you disassemble them.

4. Not Sanding Completely

You cannot apply primer directly to an unsanded cabinet door. It just doesn’t work well. You need to make sure that you completely sand your cabinets before applying primer or paint. Not only do you need to sand the doors themselves, but you need to get into all the little nooks and crannies. If your doors have bevelled edges or other architectural touches, this can be challenging to do with a sander. You’ll need to break out the sandpaper and do it by hand. Make sure you’re thorough here, as a poorly sanded surface will be obvious when you’re finished, as paint will have a harder time sticking.

5. Forgetting to Prime the Cabinets First

In almost all instances, paint needs something with which to bond. Primer fills that role. Attempting to paint directly on the cabinet’s surface will result in peeling and other problems. Make sure to use a high-quality primer first to ensure that your paint adheres properly and that you get the best results possible.

6. Using Low-Quality Paint

We get it – you want to save a few bucks on your project. That’s natural. However, it can often lead to using subpar paints that just don’t hold up to the task. The last thing you want to do is paint all of your kitchen cabinets and then have to do the same thing a few years down the road. High-quality paints from top-tier manufacturers offer the colour and durability you want and deserve.

Yes, prepping and painting your kitchen cabinets can be a lot of work. However, if you avoid these mistakes, your results will enhance the look and feel of the space for years to come.

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