How A Fresh Coat of Paint Can Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

How A Fresh Coat of Paint Can Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Most people don’t want a boring, cookie-cutter house. However, in many neighborhoods, you will find cookie-cutter construction. The homes all look the same with the same architecture and color scheme. How do you escape the cookie-cutter look?

It could be as simple as freshening your paint to boost curb appeal. Those in the real estate business know that curb appeal is a portion of the attraction to a new home. It’s also a portion of what keeps the existing homeowner happy in their home. How can a fresh coat of paint increase your home’s curb appeal?

Make Your Home Stand Out From The Crowd

Have you ever driven through a new construction neighborhood, and the home you noticed was the one that somehow looked different than the rest? That could be your home. A fresh coat of paint can make your home stand out from the crowd. 

If every home in the neighborhood is gray, you could paint yours beige to keep with the neutral tones but identify yours as apart from the rest. Alternatively, you can keep your home’s base color the same as the rest of the neighborhood and add personality by choosing a different color for your trim or front door. 

When choosing your color scheme, you want your home to fit with the rest of the neighborhood while still being distinctly yours. Some neighborhoods have requirements regarding color schemes, so before you get carried away with your paint colors, you will likely want to verify which colors you are allowed to use within your neighborhood. Even if you are required to stay with neutral tones, there are a variety of colors that fit into that category. 

Extend the Life of Your Exterior

Painting the exterior of your home does more than simply add beauty to your house and neighborhood. A good quality paint job helps to keep your home protected from weather damage, dust, or insects. Quality exterior paint can last from 10-15 years and protects your home from natural elements 

A quality exterior paint job can keep your home looking fresh and new when the others around you begin to look worn. Paint is the best way to make a pleasing first impression on guests (or potential buyers if you’re leaving the neighborhood).

Revitalize the Details

Residential Interior Walls Ceilings

Perhaps your base house color still looks beautiful, but something about the house is still lackluster. Could it be your trim? If you think you don’t have trim, you would be incorrect. Trim isn’t just shutters or decorative soffits. 

A relatively simple way to update and freshen the look of your home is to paint the trim in a new, aesthetically pleasing color. Your front door, exterior windowsills, and porch railings are part of the trim. Check with your HOA before you get carried away with your paint colors, but you are likely to have greater leeway with trim color choice than with the home’s base color. 

Wrapping Up

Painting your home can extend the life of your home and add tremendous curb appeal to the property. Even if you simply paint the trim pieces of your home, you will see a dramatic revitalization by simply making that one change. You can use that trim color to express your personality in a world of cookie-cutter neighborhoods with cookie-cutter homes. Make your home stand out from the crowd while expressing your personality.

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