Painting Tips to Make a Small Bathroom Room Feel Larger

Painting Tips to Make a Small Bathroom Room Feel Larger

While your bathroom might not see the same amount of use as your kitchen, it’s still an important room in the home. Whether we’re talking about a master bath or a second bathroom, a small room can feel cramped and claustrophobic.

The good news is that you don’t need to do anything as drastic as knocking down walls to expand the room. A new coat of paint and a few simple tips can help to make your small bathroom feel bigger.

The Right Colour

First, follow the time-honoured advice of avoiding dark colours. Darker colours tend to make spaces feel smaller, and while that might be fine in an expansive family room, you can’t afford it in a small bathroom. Instead, go with lighter colours. Yes, that might mean white. However, there are plenty of other light colours that can help you make a smaller space feel larger, including:

  • Off-white
  • Grey
  • Cream
  • Light blue
  • Light green
  • Soft pink

Colour Combinations

All bathrooms will have a range of colours in them. To maximise the feel of space in the room, consider some of the following colour combos:

  • White on White – Yes, it can feel stark, but it can also be sleek and modern. Combine white walls with a white vanity, and white, chrome, or mirrored fixtures.
  • Tonal – Combine tones with similar aesthetics to avoid the starkness of all white, but still make your room feel larger. Sandstone and white porcelain, combined with lots of glass, for instance, can do wonders for a small bathroom.

Add Lighting

Light helps to make even very small spaces feel a little bit larger. Adding new lights to your bathroom in conjunction with lighter colours can help you avoid a cramped feeling space. What sorts of lights should you go for, though? Well, there are the obvious ones, such as overhead fixtures, but you can add more space by installing recessed lighting. You can also add the illusion of more space in the room with surround-style vanity lighting and under-counter lighting.

Consider Your Fixtures

Repainting the bathroom with a lighter, airier colour is a great first step, but consider replacing some of the fixtures, as well. For instance, pull out that old vanity and install a light-coloured floating one that opens up space underneath to create the sense of additional room. Adding a larger mirror without a heavy, ornate frame can also add to the illusion of additional space within a small bathroom.

Go with Glass

Do you have a shower curtain in the bathroom? You might want to replace that with a sleek glass panel. This opens up the room and allows light to flow more freely without you having to actually extend the room physically. It might be worth considering replacing your old tub with a stand-up shower with a glass enclosure, as this can make it feel even larger, while also updating your fixtures.

Overall Style

You might even want to consider the overall style of the bathroom as a whole. For instance, a modern, minimalistic style might be a better option for a small space to make it feel less cramped, but also still modern. Rustic décor and other styles that include bulky design elements should be avoided.

In Conclusion

Ultimately, even a small bathroom can be made to feel bright, open, and airy with the right paint colour and a few informed choices when it comes to fixtures and finishes. Not sure how to go about making your cramped bathroom feel bigger? Get in touch with us at Elite Trade Painting to help. You can reach us at 1-877-663-5483

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