Why Winter is the Best Time for Interior Painting in Calgary?

Why Winter is the Best Time for Interior Painting in Calgary?

There’s a chill in the air in Calgary and the snow has already begun to fly. As Calgarians, we know how long the next four to six months of brutal cold and snow can be. The nights are longer, and the minus-30-degree weather can make leaving the house for anything other than work or necessities difficult.

In fact, between the bitter cold and the COVID-19 pandemic, many Calgarians will find themselves staying home for a good portion of the coming winter months. That makes the next few months a perfect time to consider refreshing your interior paint.

Why repaint in Winter?

There are plenty of reasons that winter is a great time to redo the paint in your Calgary home. For starters, the extra time off from unused vacation days or snow days can offer a great opportunity to update your home’s paint and colours to create a space you’re happy to spend the long Alberta nights in. Plus, refreshing your paint gives you an excellent excuse not to leave the house when it’s minus-35 without the wind chill.

Trust us, “Sorry, the painters are coming over,” is a great excuse to stay in.

On top of that, Calgary’s famously dry climate during the winter means paint will dry and cure faster, so your project can be done quicker.

Paint still needs time to dry, though, so it’s best to give it a couple of days at least before hosting a get together to show off your home’s new look. Luckily, with Christmas still more than a month away, right now is the perfect time to get the painting project of your dreams done.

On top of the productive use of newfound time at home and the faster drying time, adding new paint to a space can really liven it up; turning it into a bright spot on some of the drearier days this time of year.

Plus, with the holiday season rapidly approaching and family dinners and gatherings (hopefully) soon to follow, an updated look could be just what the doctor ordered for your home.

What paint colours should I use?

painting colours

For example, this Elite Trade Painting blog post about Winter trends recommends using colours like a blush or green to bring a space to life and provide a needed boost of energy during those dreary winter days.

Or, if you’re working from home due to COVID, maybe consider a Naval blue or Dill to help enhance your concentration in your home office.

You can also draw inspiration directly from winter’s natural colour palette. According to Elle Decor, “the colors and palettes inspired by winter are seasonally charming yet perennially fresh.”

Colours like icy and dark blues reminiscent of the winter wonderland that Calgary becomes in the winter creates a very crisp look to a room while warmer colours can turn a room into a cozy winter retreat reminiscent of a chalet in the Swiss Alps.

Ultimately, though, the colour scheme you decide to go with is entirely up to you. There are millions of colour combinations available to choose from and exploring them will give you an opportunity to really flex your creative muscles.

And, if you’re still looking for inspiration, you can use a colour visualization tool to help you find the colours that work best for you or give Chris or Allie at Elite Trade Painting a call. They’ll be happy to advise you on the latest colour trends and what options would work best for you.

Whatever you decide to do, the team at Elite Trade Painting can make it happen quickly, efficiently and to the highest standard, all at a great price.

So, with the cold weather looking like it’s here to stay and the Holidays coming up, now is the perfect time to call Elite Trade Painting Calgary and book your free estimate!

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