Interior Painting Colors for 2024: What’s Trending and What the Experts Say 

Interior Painting Colors for 2024: What’s Trending and What the Experts Say 

If you’re one of those people who likes to keep up with current style trends, knowing the hottest paint colors for each year can inform your design decisions in a major way. Although it’s still early, the forecast for 2024 is clear: moody shades and earth tones are in, big time. This is an uptick from an ongoing trend of bold accents and earthy, inviting environments, and it’s influencing colors that are popular right now.

Even though new colors are added and taken away from the colour palette each year, you’ll notice that what’s popular has stayed relatively similar for about five to seven years now. Shades may change and main themes may shift, but the general design trends tend to last for about half a decade before they’re replaced by something new.

While 2023 saw lots of warm hues to brighten spaces and deep jewel tones for richness and accents, 2024 we expect to be seeing more in the family of reds, earth tones, blues and greens. The 2023 palette had a lot of yellow on it, but for 2024, there will be more muted tones and bright accents in every color you can imagine.

Who Determines Paint Color Trends?

There isn’t one single person or company who’s involved in defining paint trends for the industry. Part of the trend is based on what homeowners are using, of course. The rest comes from designers, paint manufacturers, and others in the industry who are striving to deliver a bold color combinations and trends for the coming year.

For example, Dulux releases its own list of paint colors for the year, as do brands like Sherwin-Williams or Behr. You can also find this information from popular home brands like Better Homes & Gardens, Martha Stewart, etc. There are some other institutions involved as well. Pantone Color Institute is one of the more well known, and has picked their colour of the year for 2024 as Apricot Crush.

The Colors of 2024

In addition to Pantone’s Apricot Crush, let’s take a closer look at the hot colors coming in for 2024 for interior painting. There is something for just about every taste and preference, and it’s not going to be hard to find the perfect match for your new design.

Night Rendezvous Pantone Color Interior Painting


There are several blue shades on the 2024 list, including Bay Blue by Minwax, or Night Rendezvous from Glidden. These shades are rich and warm, and often include a touch of green or gray to accentuate the blue tones. Blue has long been a popular interior color because it evokes calm, serenity, and comfort.

Blues can also be professional and trustworthy, which makes this a popular color for commercial spaces, too. In the home, blues are most often found in bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms where a spa-like ambiance might often be desired.

Chinese Blue by Farrow & Ball is also one of the trending colors this year. Then, there’s Stardew from Sherwin-Williams, which is a pale blue with slight hints of green that makes any space feel light and bright.

Craftsman Gold Interior Paint 2024

Neutral Yellows and Beiges

Limitless by Glidden starts this section. This is the brand’s first pick, a pale yellow that can fit into almost any design or color scheme. The experts say it’s anything but yellow and designed to be used with both warm and cool tones alike. 

While the bolder yellows have been popular for some time, neutrals and pale shades are making their way back. This is a good color for kitchens and bathrooms, as well as throughout the home. 

Other similar colors include Craftsman Gold, a slightly bolder yellow-brown shade also from Glidden, and Friendship Yellow from Sherwin-Williams. 

Gemini Generated Image


After the pandemic and the lack of being outdoors, people started bringing greenery indoors, including with their choice in paint colors. Greens have been on the list since 2021 and they’re growing in popularity as the shades change. In 2022, all the primary “colors” chosen by brands were green with gray undertones.

Today, green is expanding to include more blue-greens, bright yellow-greens, and deeper forest green shades that can make a space look elegant and cozy at once. In this family, brands are releasing colors like Aquastone, Billiard Green, Leapfrog, and others.

Benjamin Moore has released Crystalline, its 2024 color of the year in the green family, offering a light sea-foam finish that can blend with any space. If you want to go bold, consider the dark olive Ironside by Dutch Boy.

Fireweed Pantone Color 2024

Reds and Pinks

Bold coral colors and deep reds like Fireweed, Wild Currant, and Habanero Chile are just a few hot colors hitting the charts this year. Bold colors are in, and that’s where red and pink really shine. Plus, they’re not just for accents.

You can use these colors to paint entire rooms and accent them with something more neutral. This embraces the bold, dramatic look that is trending right now in paint colors and helps you create a colorful space that truly shines.

Neutrals are great, but if you’re looking for more color and this family calls to you, there’s a lot to choose from in the selection of trending colors this year with a little bit more pop. Some paler shades of orange and orange-reds are found here, too, like Sherwin-Williams’ Persimmon, which is warm, welcoming, and colorful.

Grey Pantone Interior Colour 2024

2024 Neutrals

For almost a decade, cool gray has been a popular option among homeowners from all over the world. It’s bold, but simple, and provides a more upscale finish than neutrals in the brown family. However, cool gray is out.

Remember how we said some trends stay and evolve while others go? This is one that’s gone but also changed a bit. While you don’t want to use cool gray undertones in paint to stay on trend, warm gray is a big winner right now.

Greiges and saturated browns are also popular this year, as are darker neutrals like Cracked Pepper from Behr, along with Half-Caff, Modern Gray, Egret White, Antiquarian Brown, and Light French Grey.

You can’t go wrong with white and its various shades, of course, but there are so many other options out there that you’d be hard-pressed not to at least consider something a little more colorful, even in the neutral family.

With so many different options to choose from, white can sometimes just be too simple. If you like the look of plain white or an off-white shade in your home, don’t worry about what’s trending. Just do what you like. However, it’s better if you take a little time to check out design inspiration first because you never know what you’ll find to fall in love with.

How to Pick From These Colours 

You shouldn’t choose a color just because it’s trending. If you like it or it fits your interior design theme, that’s great. You also shouldn’t plan a renovation or paint project around just one trending color. Sure, Apricot Crush is a beautiful shade of orange-red that has it’s place in interior design, but it’s not going to work the same in every space. 

Trending paint colors should be used as a guide that can help you select the palette for your interior painting. You should use them for inspiration and see what others are doing to create new, inviting rooms with these colors. Then, you will be able to determine which colors you can incorporate into your design and how they’ll best be used. 

At the end of the day, you might end up choosing colors that are different than what’s trending—that’s fine too. Just because colors are popular doesn’t mean that you must use them. If they don’t reflect your tastes or fit your space, find the colors that do. You might get lucky and find the perfect theme in these trending colors, and if you do, go for it. 

The important thing to remember is that trending colors are just that: trending. Like the paint itself, the trends may fade with time. Make sure that above all else, you’re choosing colors and designs that stand the test of time and provide you with years of enjoyment. 

Interior Design Trends for 2024

While you’re painting, you might decide that it’s a good idea to spruce up the design of the space, too. There are plenty of interior design trends that can help you keep your home looking its best, no matter what your personal style is like. In addition to the paint colors and trends discussed above, here are some design ideas for 2024 that are taking the industry by storm. 

Sculptural Lighting

Lighting in the living room, dining room, and bedroom is all about playful, polished accents. Sculptural lighting and unique light fixtures can make a big statement. They are also great at directing light, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance in any space. Lighting isn’t just functional. It is also decorative. 

Being able to incorporate new lamps and lighting into a room, along with new paint, can create a whole new look even if you don’t change anything else. 

Sculptural Lighting Interior Renovations Canada

Gold and Variations 

Gold tones are back and people love them for richness and warmth. Gold exudes luxury and it is available in many shades and designs. From light fixtures to hardware and even paint colors, gold can create a warm finish that’s luxurious and goes with about any other color that you choose to include in your space. 

The goal here is to use timeless designs that won’t appear dated in a few years. While some people are leaning more towards silver and stainless steel, there’s still a place for gold in design if you want an elegant, luxurious look.

Gold Kitchen Hardware

White Lamps

With all this talk about color, it makes sense to have some neutral accents here and there. All-white lamps are making a big statement—ceramic bases or other materials are combined with white shades, which come in various sizes and styles. You can find a look that complements almost any space in your home. 

If you’re not into lamps, consider white light fixtures or accent lights that can be installed in different places. They’ll still add that fresh pop of clean lines but without the space on the floor or table and no need for the outlets to plug them in.

Kitchen Painting Canada

Decorative Storage 

Perfecting storage spaces in your home can be difficult. Today, that comes in the form of several container stores and home storage brands. In the design world, that’s led to a trend toward storage that is designed and part of the space. 

You can use decorative storage boxes for all kinds of items, stacking them in a corner or on a table to create a dramatic effect. This can also help an office look more inviting than using a traditional filing cabinet or desk storage system. 

People have started to embrace decluttering in functional ways, which is why decorative storage is such a popular choice. It integrates into the décor and isn’t just an eyesore that’s detracting from the value of the space. 

Decorative Storage Ideas 2024 Interior Renovations Canada

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re just looking for a fresh coat of paint or you want to update your entire home, you now have the insights to do just that. 2024 has a lot of similar trends to 2023, but there are also some new ones being mixed in here and there. And remember, these are just trends, so you should ultimately choose the colors and designs that you like best and that fit your space. 

If you’re ready to begin your interior painting project, reach out! We can help you with everything from color selection and creating the perfect paint design to choosing your finishing touches, accents, and more. Plus, we’ll walk you through the project and make sure that the result is exactly what you want. 

Painting your home can increase its value, create more enjoyable spaces, and give you a way to change things up without having to do a full renovation. Contact Elite Trade Painting to get started today.

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