Epoxy Coatings in Mississauga

Looking for a coating that will provide outstanding resistance to water, foot traffic, and even chemicals? Epoxy coatings deliver those benefits and many more. They are also usable in many different situations in Mississauga, from commercial properties to residential homes. At Elite Trade Painting, we have worked with clients in and around Mississauga for many years to create the ideal epoxy coating for their specific needs.

What Are Epoxy Coatings?

Epoxy coatings in Mississauga businesses and homes can form floors, counter tops, and have many other uses. These products are made with two components. First, you have a resin base. Then, a chemical catalyst is added, which hardens the base and makes it impermeable. This is what gives epoxy coatings their durability and their resistance to chemicals, as well as to wear and tear. Due to those qualities, epoxy coatings are suitable to both interior and exterior use.

Epoxy Floor Painting in Mississauga

While epoxy can be used in an incredibly wide range of applications, flooring is perhaps the most common. At Elite Trade Painting, we have in-depth experience in epoxy floor painting with Mississauga homes and businesses. Epoxy makes an excellent floor option for warehouses, mechanic shops, and even home workshops. Even retail outlets and medical facilities have found the benefits of using epoxy flooring.

What Preparation Is Necessary?

Before applying epoxy coatings, the surface must be prepared. Generally, this will require removing any old paint or other coatings. It also requires thoroughly removing grease, oil, and other contaminants, and any chemicals that might compromise the epoxy. Acid etching is also needed, and we may need to grind or shot blast the surface in some cases.

Scheduling the Project

Installing epoxy coatings will require that the area in question be taken out of use during the preparation, installation, and curing processes. We understand the impact that this can have on local businesses. Because of that, we offer flexible scheduling and do our best to work around your needs. We will create a timeline that works for you, and we are happy to work during the evening, on weekends, and even during holidays to get the job done while minimising the downtime you experience.

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