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Mississauga Power Washing for Residential and Commercial Properties

The first step in our professional painting and staining process is to prepare the surface in question, whether we’re talking about your home’s siding, your business’ exterior, or your deck or patio. Power washing is a vital part of delivering the high-quality results that Elite Trade Painting has become known for with our Mississauga customers.

Why Is Power Washing Necessary?

We power wash your home or business for one reason only – to ensure the cleanest possible surface for painting or staining. Over time, dirt, dust, pollen, debris, and even mould and mildew build up. Our state-of-the-art power washing equipment removes all of that build-up quickly and easily, leaving behind a surface ready to be prepped and painted.

What Is the Power Washing Process?

When it comes to power washing your Mississauga property, the first step will actually be the application of an environmentally-friendly chemical that loosens built-up dirt and debris and ensures that mould will wash away easily. Then we bring in the power washing equipment and rinse everything away. Note that we do not actually use high-pressure sprays to strip paint off with porous surfaces, such as wood. The pressure is so high that damage would occur. High-pressure paint stripping is only suitable for metal surfaces and some types of concrete.

Interior Pressure Washing in Mississauga

Most of our Mississauga projects do not require interior pressure washing, but there are a handful of exceptions. For instance, any facility where grease and oil might be present in the interior, such as restaurant kitchens or automotive workshops, may require interior pressure washing prior to painting. However, even in these instances, proper drainage must be present and the surfaces must be able to withstand the pressure created by our equipment.

Our Cleansers Are Up to the Task

While we use powerful pressure washing equipment, our special cleansers are also key to achieving the pristine results you deserve. We use a range of specially formulated cleansers designed to cut through grease, oil, and even chemical contaminants in order to properly prepare the surface for painting or staining.

Get the Results You Need

Ready to embark on painting or staining within your Mississauga home or business? Interested in cleaning your property thoroughly? Our power washing service is the key. Call Elite Trade Painting today to schedule a consultation or to learn more about our services.

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