Mississauga Stucco Painting & Repair

Residential Exterior Stucco Painting

Stucco is a popular choice for homes and businesses in Mississauga.  However, even the most resilient stucco can succumb to wear and tear over time. At Elite Trade Painting Mississauga, we offer comprehensive stucco painting and stucco repair services designed to restore your property’s exterior and enhance its curb appeal.

Experienced Stucco Refinishing Expertise

Our team of highly trained and experienced painters understands the unique properties of stucco. They employ specialized techniques and premium materials to deliver a flawless and long-lasting paint job. We are committed to exceeding your expectations through:

Unmatched Expertise: Our expert stucco painters possess in-depth knowledge of stucco and use proven methods for optimal results.
Meticulous Preparation: We prioritize thorough cleaning, inspection, and repair of your stucco surface before painting.
Premium Materials: We utilize only the finest paints specifically designed for stucco, offering superior adhesion, weather resistance, and a beautiful finish.
Clean and Efficient Service: We minimize disruption to your property with a clean and organized work ethic.
Competitive Prices: Enjoy competitive rates and free, no-obligation estimates for your stucco painting project.

Our Proven Stucco Painting Process

We understand that every project is unique. Here’s an overview of our meticulous stucco painting process:

1. Consultation & Estimate:

A free consultation allows us to discuss your vision, assess your stucco’s condition, and answer your questions.

We provide a detailed estimate outlining the scope of work, materials, and project timeline.

2. Project Preparation:

Thorough cleaning with power washers and appropriate solutions removes dirt, mildew, and loose paint.

Meticulous repair of minor cracks, chips, or damaged areas ensures a smooth, even surface. Protective coverings safeguard windows, doors, landscaping, and walkways.

3. Painting Application:

High-quality, stucco-specific primer is applied to prepare the surface for paint.

Skilled painters use specialized techniques and top-of-the-line paints for a flawless, long-lasting finish.

Two or three coats of paint are typically applied for optimal coverage and protection.

4. Quality Control & Completion:

A thorough inspection ensures your complete satisfaction with the final product.

Our team removes protective coverings and performs a final cleanup.

5. Aftercare & Maintenance:

We provide valuable tips on maintaining your newly painted stucco exterior for lasting beauty.

Additional Stucco Services:

Beyond painting, we offer comprehensive stucco repair services. Our experienced team can address minor cracks, chips, holes, and other imperfections, ensuring a sound foundation for the paint.

Stucco Repairs Done Correctly

Expert stucco repair is a multi-step process that prioritizes restoring the structural integrity and aesthetics of the stucco surface.

Firstly, they meticulously assess the damage, identifying the cause (cracks, chips, holes, water infiltration) and its extent. Loose or damaged stucco is carefully removed using hand tools or hammers with chisels to ensure a clean and stable foundation for the repair. Any underlying issues like moisture intrusion or damaged lath (underlying support structure) are addressed to prevent future problems.

Our experts then meticulously clean the area with appropriate solutions to remove dirt, dust, and any remaining loose material. Cracks are widened slightly to create a better key for the patching material. Depending on the size of the damage, a pre-mixed stucco patch or a custom mix created with Portland cement, sand, and water is applied. The patch is then pressed firmly into the prepared area, ensuring a tight bond with the existing stucco. Skilled artisans use specialized tools and techniques to match the existing texture of the surrounding stucco.

Once the patch dries completely, sanding may be required to create a smooth and seamless finish. Finally, high-quality elastomeric paint specifically formulated for stucco is applied to further protect the repaired area and enhance the overall aesthetic of the exterior.

Investing in Your Stucco’s Beauty and Longevity

Contact Elite Trade Painting today for a free consultation and estimate. Our experienced team is committed to delivering exceptional stucco painting services that restore the beauty and value of your Mississauga property.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: The frequency of repainting depends on factors like the quality of the initial paint job, weather conditions, and the overall condition of your stucco. Generally, stucco exteriors require repainting every 10-15 years.

A: Not all paints are suitable for stucco. Our experienced painters will use high-quality, elastomeric paints specifically designed for stucco surfaces. These paints offer superior flexibility, adhesion, and resistance to cracking.

A: Stucco painting requires specialized knowledge and techniques. While DIY projects are sometimes possible, it’s highly recommended to hire a professional stucco painting company like Elite Trade Painting.


From start to finish we create value while treating your home or business with respect and professionalism.


It begins with a quote request. Then a follow up call to go over the project and arrange a site visit. We will create a custom detail quote(s) for the work from our onsite review.


Once you review the quote(s) you can proceed to book the quote by calling your estimator or their office, sending an email, text or accepting it through our quote system.


In the booking process, we will confirm options for start dates. There is a discussion and plan created for colours. Once confirmed a team is then scheduled for your project.


When our team arrives onsite preparation and painting will commence. Completing the project in a timely and efficient manner ensuring the high standards for Elite projects.


Upon inspection and completion, we will clean the site removing all gear/equipment. We will then protect your project with our 2yr guarantee. An invoice is provided for review.

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