Mississauga Brick and Masonry Painting and Staining

When you think about painting the exterior of a Mississauga home or business, chances are good that you imagine paint being applied to wood, cement board, or perhaps vinyl siding. However, brick and masonry can also be painted and stained. At Elite Trade Painting, we have decades of experience in helping our Mississauga customers achieve the aesthetic they need with painting and staining for brick and masonry.

What Paints and Stains Are Used?

At Elite Trade Painting, we believe in using only the highest quality products to ensure that our customers receive the results they deserve. For that reason, we prefer to use Dulux Weatherguard, Dulux Diamond, and Sherwin Williams A-100 or Resilience for painting brick or masonry. When it comes to staining, we use Perma Crete from Dulux for masonry, and Permatint for both brick and masonry.

With these products, we’re able to achieve both solid and semi-transparent finishes to meet your aesthetic goals. We’re also proud to offer a wide range of colour choices to help ensure that you’re able to achieve the look that you want for your home or business. Note that some colours affect coverage, so more than one coating may be necessary with some colour choices.

How Does Painting and Staining Brick Work?

The first step in painting or staining exterior brick is to power wash the surface. In most cases, interior painting and staining will not require power washing. After removing dirt, dust, pollen and mould, we begin applying the paint or stain. If this is the first time your brick or masonry has been treated, it will usually require two coats.

However, if this is a re-coat, then a single application will usually be all that’s needed. Note that two-component products, such as Permatint, will always require two coats, though.

In the painting and staining process, we will use a wide range of equipment. Thicker liquids, such as paint for exterior brick facades, will require application with brushes and rollers. However, we can also use sprayers depending on the configuration and the type of brick or masonry in question. We are also able to paint the entire surface (brick/masonry and mortar) or paint individual bricks and leave the mortar unpainted if you prefer.

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