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Brick and Masonry – Painting and Staining Options

Many Vancouver homeowners and business owners are surprised to learn that not only can you stain and paint brick and masonry exteriors, but it has been done for a very long time. At Elite Trade Painting, we offer brick and masonry painting and staining for residential and commercial properties. We’re happy to help whether you want a small façade reinvigorated, or you’re looking to reinvent your entire property.

Which Paint Products Work with Brick and Masonry?

The truth is that most paint products will work for painting brick and masonry. However, quality does make a difference, which is why at Elite Trade Painting, we use Sherwin Williams A-100 or Resilience, Dulux Weatherguard, or Dulux Diamond for exterior painting. For interior painting projects, almost any paint can be used.

How Does Staining Brick and Masonry Work?

You will find a number of stain products on the market today designed to work with brick and masonry, ranging from semi-transparent coatings all the way up to solid coatings. Most major paint manufacturers produce stain products that can be used with both exterior and interior brick and masonry. We prefer Permatint and Perma Crete, but there are numerous other options that deliver outstanding results.

How Does Painting and Staining Brick and Masonry Work?

In most instances, the process will begin with a power wash of the building’s exterior. Many contaminants can build up and cause problems with adhesion, including dust, dirt, pollen, and mould. Once we’ve cleaned your Vancouver home or business, we move on to the next step.

If you have bare brick or masonry, we will apply two coats of paint or stain. If we are repainting or re-staining, a single coat is usually more than enough to achieve the look that you want. Depending on the surface type, we may use brushes, rollers, or even spray equipment to achieve the best results possible. We also take all necessary precautions to protect areas not being stained or painted, such as trim, window frames, doorframes, and doors.

Can You Stain Just the Brick or Masonry?

In most situations, Vancouver homeowners and business owners choose to paint or stain both the brick/masonry and the mortar, but if you prefer, we can paint or stain individual bricks while leaving the mortar its original colour.

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