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Power Washing – More Than Just Cleaning

Before you even think about painting the exterior of your Vancouver home or business, it’s vital to consider power washing. At Elite Trade Painting, our team has the experience, equipment, and ability to ensure your project goes perfectly, from the initial cleaning to the last brush stroke of paint.

Why Is Power Washing Necessary?

For most exterior projects, whether we’re talking about painting your home’s siding, staining your deck, or something completely different, power washing is the first step. Why is that? In the Vancouver area, a number of contaminants can build up on exterior surfaces. Mildew and mould, dirt and dust, pollen, even salt from the roads can be problematic. All of these must be removed prior to any other work being completed.

Is Power Washing Always Necessary?

No, there are smaller projects that do not require power washing of the complete area. For instance, if Elite Trade Painting is painting your door frames, window frames, or doors themselves, spot cleaning will usually suffice.

Our Power Washing Process

The first step in the Elite Trade Painting power washing process is to apply a preparatory chemical to the surfaces being cleaned. This is an environmentally-friendly substance that loosens the grime and dirt and will wash clean away during the power washing process. Once the chemical has set, we then wash the surface clean with our state-of-the-art pressure washing equipment. If necessary, we may also use special cleaners to eliminate heavy grease or other contaminants that require special considerations.

Note that we are only able to offer pressure paint stripping on metal and limited concrete surfaces. Due to the power of high-pressure water streams, we do not pressure strip wood surfaces, as it will cause damage.

When Will You Power Wash?

In most situations, Elite Trade Painting will power wash the surface in question roughly one week prior to beginning the painting process. However, if weather conditions are right and we feel that the surface will dry adequately in a shorter time, we may power wash as little as one day before beginning the painting process.

Interior Power Washing

In addition to exterior power washing, we offer interior power washing for specific commercial and industrial facilities, such as warehouses, automotive mechanic workshops, and other similar areas.

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