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Vinyl Siding Painting and What Elite Trade Painting Can Offer

Vinyl siding is the most common choice for home siding in Vancouver today due to its durability and versatility. New and existing homes use coloured vinyl planks and trim pieces to deliver the right aesthetics.

However, with a lifespan that extends beyond 30 years, it can outlast many other siding options, but that does not mean it will look good forever. Colours and colour combinations chosen are based on styles of the day, and tastes change over time, sometimes quite quickly. That means that a new home constructed today might not be visually appealing in five years’ time, despite the vinyl siding being in excellent condition.

At Elite Trade Painting, we can offer vinyl siding painting to ensure that your home always looks good, no matter what the colour preferences of the day might be.

Can You Paint Vinyl Siding?

Yes! If you’ve ever accidentally dripped acrylic paint on your siding while working on another project, you know just how well it adheres. Vinyl siding painting is not new. In fact, we have over two decades of experience.

What Colour Options Do You Have?

Vancouver-area homeowners are often concerned about what colour options they will have when it comes time to paint their vinyl siding. Not that long ago, you were limited to painting over vinyl siding with the original colour only, or with a lighter colour, because darker colours would absorb too much heat and could cause the vinyl to warp. Today, that’s not the case. We use vinyl-safe colour technology developed by leading paint manufacturers to ensure that you have a broad range of choices available to you.

Will Painted Vinyl Siding Last?

Yes, paint applied to your vinyl siding will stand the test of time. In most cases, exterior paint failure is caused by moisture. Because vinyl does not absorb moisture, there is little chance that paint will fail so long as it is properly applied and fully adhered to the vinyl. In fact, the paint will last as long as the siding itself but may need a refresh within 10 to 15 years.

The Elite Trade Painting Process

When it comes to vinyl siding, our painting process is simple. It begins with a thorough pressure wash to remove dirt, debris, pollen and mould, and then we apply two coats of a satin finish paint to deliver the beautiful results you deserve.

Don’t Wait!

Is your home’s aesthetic dated? Is your vinyl starting to fade? Don’t wait – call Elite Trade Painting in Vancouver today.

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