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Edmonton Power Washing Services

At Elite Trade Painting, our goal is always to deliver the highest-quality service possible and the best results within our abilities. That means beginning most painting and staining projects with a complete power washing service.

Why Does Power Washing Matter?

In Edmonton and the surrounding area, most commercial and residential building exteriors build up dirt, debris, and even mould. Paint and stain cannot be applied over those contaminants, as it will compromise the project. Power washing for Edmonton area clients ensures that all of those problematic substances are washed away, leaving a clean, blank slate.

How Does Power Washing Work?

Our power washing process begins by first assessing the property, and then applying a pre-cleaning chemical. We chose this particular product because it is highly effective, but also environmentally friendly. The chemical is applied to the surfaces being power washed and allowed to set for a specific period. During this time, it loosens the bonds between grime and the underlying surface, making it easier to break up mould, dirt, and even grease.

Once the chemical’s set time is over, we use state of the art power washing equipment to rinse it away, along with all the dirt, pollen, mould, and mildew. The result is a sparkling, perfectly clean surface that, once thoroughly dried, is ready for painting or staining.

Additional Specialty Cleaners

We understand that different projects require different steps. Because of that, we stock specialty cleaners designed for use in areas with heavy build-ups of grease and other contaminants that require additional power to remove.

When Does Power Washing Happen?

There are many variables that affect when we will power wash your property. If the weather is particularly clement, we might pressure wash as little as 24 hours prior to painting. However, in most cases, we power wash roughly one week before the rest of the project is scheduled to occur in order to allow ample time for the surfaces to dry thoroughly. All moisture must have dried before we can paint or stain a surface.

Do You Offer Interior Power Washing?

Yes, we are more than capable of power washing interiors. We provide this service for a number of clients in Edmonton, including automotive shops, warehouses, and even residential garages. Most of these are areas with significant concentrations of grease and grime.

Get Perfectly Clean

Whether you want your home’s exterior washed, are planning to have it painted, or you want to investigate the benefits of power washing for your Edmonton business, we can help. Get in touch with us today!

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